The mistakes of Minh Hang dress – wear nice

Actress – Singer does not limit herself when choosing costumes with inappropriate accessories at events.

The style of Minh Hang seems to be about 1
Minh Hang is one of the beauties that constantly wear costumes when they appear at the event. She always chooses the wrong accessories or the skirt is not suitable for the body. At the press conference The Face, the singer got mixed views when wearing wings. Design has made the body of the beautiful unbalanced.
Velvet orchid mistake his costume Photo Gallery 2
At the first shot of The Face Minh Hang also made a mistake with the pair of knitted boots in combination with the weather display, making the wings look confusing and cumbersome.
Minh Hang & # 39; s new look 3
Minh Hang wears a militant style from a mythical film. However, red suede trim combined with a hood and turtleneck suede material made her look heavy and poor.
Minh Hang & # 39; s new look 4
Minh Hang also criticized when the dress is too much cumbersome detail. Moreover, the pumps with high heels ensure that beautiful legs look shorter.
Minh Hang & # 39; s new look 5
Minh Hang lost points with the skirt yellow dress is not beautiful, making her body looks chubby. Moreover, the knitted rope with high heels was not suitable for a feminine shoulder dress.
Minh Hang & # 39; s new look 6
Beauties continue to use high boots in combination with false vest designs. The details of the crystal on the shoulder and the symmetrical woven band as the whole becomes confusing, less subtle.
Minh Hang & # 39; s brother image 7
Minh Hang like a princess in the skirt penetration pattern, spread spread wings. The lining of the cup, however, completely destroyed the singer's image, but on the contrary insulting on the stage.
Minh Hang & # 39; s new look 8
The thread of the costume unintentionally penetrates sensitive points on the singer's body. This incident has fine fine with almost 4 million.

Minh Hang was creamed with a surprised skirt

Minh Hang selected a set of pages with oversized shoulder and legs. The design was judged to make the facial face look lower than normal.

  • Le Ngoc Minh Hang

    Le Ngoc Minh Hang

    Minh Hang, real name Le Ngoc Minh Hang is a young singer and film actor. Minh Hang stepped into the field at the age of 16 and participated in various television dramas. In 2007, after the success of the movie "Dream Call", her name was noticed by many viewers. In 2009 and 2011, Minh Hang was elected by HTV Awards to & # 39; Favorite actress of the year & # 39 ;.

    • Date of birth: 1987/06/22
    • Length: 1.65 m
    • Feature film: Dream dreams, Dream dreams, Salvation of death, Happy home, Beautiful kisses, …
    • album: A Round of Earth (2008), The Lovely One (2010), Now I Know (2014), Yolo (2015)

Thuan Vu

photo; FBNV, Zing

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