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In the first episode of the Next Top Model Asia program in the sixth season, Vietnamese models in the group of candidates have low scores but not eliminated.

Episode 1 Asia & # 39; s Next Top Model Season 6 was officially aired on the evening of 22/8. In addition to the performance of Thanh Vy as a participant, the audience also witnessed the impressive comeback of Minh Tu as an advisor (together with Shikin & # 39; s Season 5 and Monika & # 39; s Season 3).

However, in this episode, Thanh Vy is not in the group led by the Minh Tu guide, so they have had no interaction.

Asia & # 39; s Next Top Model: 3 students are born, Thanh Vy is an older brother
Minh Tu appeared as a program leader.

The first challenge for 14 girls to participate in Asia's Next Top Model is the catwalk and self-portrait at Chatuchak Market, Thailand. The majority of the participants completed their performance well, only Sharine (Japan) had problems with falling.

Immediately after, the jury doubled the two participants: Lena (Thailand) and Hody (Hong Kong). Thanh Vy has won 8.5 points.

The rest of the girls went to the shooting competition with animals in the wild, including pythons, crocodiles and salamanders. This is a challenge that participants in the Next Top Model in the world are very afraid of. Thanh Vy shared that she liked to pose with crocodiles, but her companion is a salamander.

Asia & # 39; s next top model: The three best female model, Thanh Vy the best male model 2
Thanh Vy & # 39; s photo was praised by judges.

The photo shoot of the Vietnamese model went pretty smoothly and quickly. All three judges praised the final selection of Thanh Vy.

"Vy is one of the smallest girls in this year's competition, but she does not look small on this picture," said Cindy Bishop. And creative director Yu Tsai loves the pose of exotic, intense, "not interested, but still cool" by Thanh Vy. He compares her as a count.

As a result, Thanh Vy received a total of 32.4 points and was named eighth, Sharnie Fenn (20, Japan) was the next candidate to leave. Photographer Yu Tsai said that Sharnie had been frozen and completely stopped.

Asia & # 39; s Next Top Model: 3 students still live, Thanh Vy is happy that she is born 3
Beauty contests have the best photo of week 1.

Candidate Beauty Thet Thinn or Myanmar with a total score of 34. Judge Cindy Beauty wallet is the rough diamond, just polished, the edge is perfect.

Asia & # 39; s Next Top Model: 3 participants also, Thanh Vy security image 4
Participants in the next top model of Asia Season 6.

So, just after episode one, the Asian supermodel has eliminated three participants and only 11 girls continue to fight.

On social networks, many viewers regretted the new rules when the participants did not have much opportunity to express themselves.

Asia & # 39; s Next Top Model is broadcast on Foxlife Channel on Wednesday (8/8).

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The next top model of Asia, season 6

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