The notorious friend of Phung Ngoc Huy was dismissed on appeal

Wednesday 22/08/2018 00:06 AM (GMT + 7)

On August 21st, Showbiz is about the story of the old love of Mai Phuong and the best vocal group in the south.

"Mai Phuong said that the whole body, because the metastasis then blunted"

HOT: the rumor friend of Phung Ngoc Huy is against pleading for support from Mai Phuong

Mai Phuong is always optimistic about the treatment of lung cancer

Mai Phuong's perseverance in encouraging her colleagues to admire her.

Talking about the situation of Mai Phuong, musician Nguyen Van Chung added: "The method says that his body hurts because metastases bones, but people do not see that, too strong."

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In the morning of August 21, Thanh Van and many other artists Lavie – daughter of Mai Phuong – brought to the hospital to see her mother. At the same time, this is also the 5th birthday of the actress-daughter.

HOT: Phung Ngoc Huy & # 39; s rumor friend protested when he supported Mai Phuong-2

Mai Phuong met her daughter on her birthday

According to Thanh Van, during the admission, Mai Phuong always anxious to meet girls. Meanwhile, although Lavie is small, Lavie does not understand many things, but misses his mother's appearance in addition to her care, she is also rather sad.

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Singer Phung Ngoc Huy wants to raise her baby Lavie Mai Phuong disease

24 hours: Phung Ngoc Huy & # 39; s rumor friend is against calling for support for Mai Phuong - 3

Mai Phuong & # 39; s ex-lover is also the biological father of Lavie

Mai Phuong and Phung Ngoc Huy met in 2010. In a conversation with the press three years ago, Mai Phuong also said that during the love period, both on the 10 occasions want to break up and decide to baby is the wish of the actress alone.

Currently, Phung Ngoc Huy Lavie & # 39; s mother still can not visit due to circumstances that are not allowed.

Moreover, the singer expressed his desire to take care of daughter Lavie after calls from the US to Vietnam to inquire about the health of Mai Phuong.

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However, on the social network too many angry remarks appeared, Phung Ngoc Huy blamed for changing her belly, letting her down after the two children together.

Not only Phung Ngoc Huy, even singer Dan Kim – his "rumor friend" in the US was also criticized by internet users and claimed that she was the third person to sabotage the happiness of Mai Phuong.

24 hours: Phung Ngoc Huy & # 39; s big girlfriend was protested when he called Mai Phuong-4 proponents

Singer Dan Kim told about her rumored friend Phung Ngoc Huy

In the afternoon of August 21 (about 11 hours in the US), Dan Kim has livestream to answer all the obstacles of the audience.

Dan said that the reason she speaks now is because she wants to correct the misleading information on the social network, so many people misunderstood the last time.

Dan Kim also quickly announced his overseas music show to ask for support for Mai Phuong. However, her trust is not trusted by the internet. Many people have even "stoned" for the claim that Dan Kim itself benefits from PR.

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Have you ever loved Changjiang to "come to life", says Nam Em about the wedding?

HOT: Phung Ngoc Huy & # 39; s rumor friend protested when he asked Mai Phuong-6 for help

South Empress Congratulations on the happiness of Changjiang and Nha Phuong

Truong Giang and Nha Phuong & # 39; s news about marriage have recently attracted a lot of attention from the public. After a few days of silence, the two main characters confirmed their wedding ceremony at the end of August, before the wedding in September.

Netizens wondered what the old saying about the wedding would be. However, contrary to public opinion, sharing with the press, Nam Em said she was very happy when she heard or said Changjiang, Nha Phuong is about to return home.

"After the noise of the past, I realized that I was wrong when it affected Mr. Jiang's relationship, I always look forward to having a date to meet him and personally apologize to Nha Phuong. , to explain his action, but no chance … ".

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Group sexy girl, expensive show now the most South?

HOT: the notorious girl of Phung Ngoc Huy protested when he asked Mai Phuong-7 for support

3 members of the sexiest boy band in the south

Since the Nhat Nguyet group joined the group in 2002, he had a lot of difficulties in switching members. In the last 16 years it is not unusual for a band to be in the competitive music market.

Sharing about the group, representatives of the Japanese Moon said: "The Japanese team itself also has conflicts between members, the group also choose to sit back, speak to solve the misunderstanding.

When a member chooses to leave, the leader respects and looks forward to the new path that you have made successfully, have a stable life, fortunately.

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Before Mai Phuong got cancer, he lived with 2 million VND per month

The actress has overcome the economic pressure during pregnancy, but the illness returns unexpectedly.

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