This afternoon, artist Le Binh, has broadcast this to everyone –

Tuesday 28/08/2018 16:40 PM (GMT + 7)

The cheerful and cheerful appearance of Le Binh in the latest clip is shared on his personal page.

Clip artist Le Binh thanked everyone before he left the hospital

Information artist Le Binh in the hospital for lung cancer stage 4 was only known to some artists of 23.8, after more than 3 months he was admitted to the hospital.

After the information was distributed on the social network, many onlookers and volunteers offered to help, but the artist did not want to receive it. Encouraged by the family of convincing friends, fans, artist Le Binh then got the love of everyone.

Released this afternoon, artist Le Binh puts this to everyone - 1

The 65-year-old radiant surgeon was released from the hospital

A few hours ago he suddenly placed a clip on his personal page, allegedly happy to be temporarily dismissed. Le Binh writes: "Thank you and information Le Binh is here today only in the hospital to go home, wait 20 days after continuing the medical treatment.Morgen to avoid your time wasted.

Thus the actor "Southern Country" was to thank the people for his love the most cherished. "I thank my relatives, my colleagues, the public far away, know the face or do not know the face … have transferred to Le Binh gifts favor, Le Binh has conditions to overcome this difficulty, it is the heart that Le Binh will never forget.

Released this afternoon, artist Le Binh puts this to everyone - 2

His previous image worried many people

Recalling the reasons for hiding the disease, the artist said that when the elderly people are sad, depressed. Think about an accumulation of old, if about 50-60 million is only enough for each piece of food, not enough money to fight the disease.

Moreover, when sharing with reporters, Le Binh also said: "I hide more than 3 months because I do not want you to worry about yourself, partly because self-respect does not allow poor coal to suffer." Ai asked the bald head, I told him shave his head to film, so as long as I can not handle it, I'll ask everyone for help.

The daughter of the artist said that the artist Le Binh still treats the film. "At the moment my father still has a lot of film contracts, so I have to film and I like to work, I do not want to rest," the artist daughter Le Binh shared.

Released this afternoon, artist Le Binh puts this to everyone - 3

Le Binh is optimistic about combating disease.

Artist Le Binh ensured that the public felt shocked when he went to bed for 200,000 VND / day to save hospital costs.

Speaking of income at the age of 65, said Le Binh, he can not currently play the leading role, mostly small roles, guests, so the catfish is just enough. He just wanted to live peacefully, not sick.

Share this clip, Le Binh also told his adopted children and students: "Master meets this situation to see the feelings of people, the audience for themselves." There are many people who care about me, remember me.

It is the artist's happiness in the artistic environment. After the & # 39; without work & # 39 ;, to keep the style of art worthy of not saving people who trust themselves, you take the time to work hard to see yourself.

At the end of the clip, he thanked the National Commission for help with the people in particular. Le Binh said frankly, with the help of people, he will accumulate, to overcome the disease, the future back to work. At the same time, Le Binh also thanked everyone and sent good wishes.

This afternoon, artist Le Binh brought this out to everyone - 4

Le Binh, Mai Phuong laughed happily together

Le Binh and Mai Phuong are all treated with lung cancer at the 175 Military Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City. Not long ago, artist Le Binh shared his personal page of actor Mai Phuong with a few colleagues to visit.

Responding to this special and emotional moment, actor "Southern Land" writes: "Sick, amorous artists are ill." According to the latest parts of colleagues, Mai Phuong is now eating, sleeping and is optimistic in the course of cancer treatment.

Le Binh was born in 1953. Le Binh has had more than 200 roles in the last 30 years. He played in more than 60 films and TV series. He is known for many films such as buffalo wool, Southern soil, duck bell, ugly girl, …
Mai Phuong is supported by nearly 2 billion, Le Binh is on the 200,000 gangbed

Also located in the cancer department of Hospital 175, Ho Chi Minh City, actors Mai Phuong and Le Binh optimistic, fighting with disease.

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