To bear the child does not come over, his father's fire almost died when the baby cried to convulsions, unconscious

Recently, the social network of the story was very emotional from a father in Hanoi, just because trying to teach children in a new way, determined not to comfort when the call that has resulted in extremely regrettable.

On his personal page, T.L said, because of his mother and too much crying, in a few minutes his son had a convulsion, foaming, cyanosis and a lack of life-threatening.

When a child has a convulsion, the family rushes to an ambulance. On his way to the hospital, his son was still faint, teeth biting his father's fingers and breathing weakly. However, after the diagnosis by doctors, blood tests, infusion, the health of the baby returns to normal and is the home base to control the symptoms.

The child was brought to hospital in a fire arrest, convulsions.The child was brought to hospital in a fire arrest, convulsions.

The reason is that parents want to try to train the child when it cries and makes him cry, but he does not expect the boy to cry for a while, which leads to the condition. redness, trouble breathing as above.

In particular, Long wrote on his personal page that "My father has never had such a bad feeling, the crying of the afternoon cried a few minutes to my mother and then she put vibrating, foaming edges, the baby face turned into purple … everything takes place in 1- I know not what to do for 2 minutes …

All the way to the hospital can not call. I still fainted at his father, biting his teeth on his father's fingers and then weakened his breath … When I was in the hospital, the mother of the work to pick up the children still did not wake up … Luckily to the emergency room Once when I cried … no matter how crying it was the most awaited parent … Last night I was happy as usual and I was at home to check symptoms …

Now I only pray one thing is that this life is never daddy to re-experience this bad feeling"…

After this incident Mr. T. also has some experience such as: Never let your child cry, touched for a long time; No matter how you want to raise me, please comfort me at the right time.

Photos of his son T.L are rescued in the hospital.Photos of his son T.L are rescued in the hospital.

"The doctor told me that if the case of similar convulsions is calm to lie on the left side, for normal convulsions, do not hold the limbs to avoid broken young limbs. Lie down, so that if a sputum or something helps, the child does not suffocate and breathes easily … Return immediately to the clip when convulsion and take the baby as soon as possible an emergency. Clip helps doctors diagnose premature baby disease to give the best treatment quickly& # 39; Mr. L said to other parents.

Immediately after sharing this story, the attention of a large number of netizens has been received. Most people are frustrated with young children more than once and sometimes they cry and scream for a while. It is striking that some educational approaches to self-reliance often encourage parents not to be spoiled and always to coax when they cry. That's why his story T.L makes them feel shocked because, like him, no one thought that children would only cry for a few minutes, which could lead to such a strong emotional and life-threatening situation.

"I'm scared because sometimes I get mad at my cousin, think she's crying, she does not frighten her and she knows it wrong, but reading this story has to think again when crying is dangerous toog ", you share H.C.

"Thank you very much for the times when parents often let their children know that they are wrong, but this experience is to learn more … Mothers must also pay attention, during care Do you have to cling to and miss mother, if not then it is time for her to work, no one can comfort at home"She noted.

"Fortunately, his baby was in order, until the end I also read a sigh of relief. Thank you for sharing the experience, I think this is very useful for those who increase the care for children ", Wrote L.H.

Currently, the story is still widely shared on social networking sites.

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