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Director "Immortal" laughed when MC Nguyen Ngoc Thach "he" is the most evil director of Vietnam because the actor filmed in caves, woods, scenes fire, blasts, shoots …

Victor Vu & # 39; s first child after the movie & # 39; Immortal & # 39; Actress Dinh Ngoc Diep and director Victor Vu announced the good news in the movie "Immortal" in the afternoon of September 5th.
Victor Vu is currently the most famous in Vietnam
Movie Trailer Event The unfriendly took place in the afternoon of September 5 in Ho Chi Minh City. In the opening, singer-songwriter Phan Manh Quynh appeared with the song memoirs, the song was directed by Victor Vu and was selected as a film soundtrack. That was the number of the soundtrack The day was not stormy, by Phan Manh Quynh, was also released on stage with the recording of singer Bui Lan Huong.
Victor Vu is the best-known Vietnamese character in Vietnam 2
Then director Victor Vu and cast of the great debut of the film, including: Dinh Ngoc Deep, Quach Ngoc Ngoan, Thanh Tu, Vu Tuan Viet, Cuong Seven and Truong The Vinh. Another actor is Jun Woo because of planning can not be present. Besides playing the role in the film, Dinh Ngoc Diep – wife of director Victor Vu – also plays the role of producer.
Victor Vu is the most famous singer in Vietnam
This is the film made for 5 years by director Victor Vu, who loses more than a year at the theater. He dedicates a lot of energy to the film about immortality, revolves around the life of Hung (Guo Ngoc Ngoan closed), a man who lived for more than three centuries with extensive backgrounds. At the beginning of the press conference, director Nguyen Ngoc Thach called jokingly & # 39; the most evil director in Vietnam & # 39; because there are always the most unique and difficult ideas to act, & acting & # 39; the actors and the crew. Victor Vu just laughed and did not deny it.
Victor Vu is considered the most famous man in Vietnam
The director received a lot of questions about the film process, including recordings in the famous caves of Vietnam in Quang Binh. He said that before filming in the cave, the crew had spent 12 days, but only 6 hours a day. The remaining time is to go in and out when the sun shines, otherwise the path is too dark, it can not move. To complete those scenes, the whole team has to be very patient and hard working.
Victor Vu is the most famous man in Vietnam
Dinh Ngoc Diep is proud to answer questions for her husband. She shared the joy: "Victor is the right person to do the right planning, punctuality, even having children. people for real death I intend to have a baby with me and do it very well on schedule. After he had completed the plan, he went on another film. "The actress was happy to see her first child, and she played An, one of the three major female characters, a secret about the immortality of the Hung character.
Victor Vu is the most famous man in Vietnam 6
Assuming that the main role is heavy, Guo Ngoc Ngoan got the share of the actor and director. He said the deepest impression is that he must lie down so that people fill the country for almost three hours. Wet powder, mixed with additives, must keep people very uncomfortable, itchy, but he still has to lie still, otherwise it will be difficult for the team and spend more time.
Moreover, Guo Ngoc Ngoan had to film many action scenes, he was shot and he was standing near a burning house …
Victor Vu when he was the most famous actor in Vietnam 7
Thanh Tu as Duyen, is considered "cool wind in life Hung". Duyen is a good-hearted but tragic person, she met a lot of misfortune, widowed husband, standing alone in a deserted coast. The appearance of Hung makes life completely change. Thanh Tu said about the role: "Although I only have 2 days to read the script, but because I like to work with director Victor Vu, I did my best with the role."
Victor Vu is the most famous man in Vietnam
Kieu Trinh, a famous Vietnamese actress and also Thanh Tu & # 39; s mother, was present to support her daughter. Recently, two mothers played together in the film Song Lang directed by Leon Le, is also two roles are rather tragic fate. Thanh Tu is considered to be the classic beauty, sharp and talented actress of mother inheriting.
Victor Vu is the most famous man in Vietnam
In the first film of her husband after the marriage, Dinh Ngoc Diep is not afraid of & # 39; hair & # 39; spouse and & # 39; suffer & # 39; like other actors, but not for the film.
In the film Dinh Ngoc Diep also plays a mother, so she tried to get sympathy for the character.
Victor Vu is the most famous singer in Vietnam
For the first time, Guo Ngoc Ngoan and Thanh Tu, two critically acclaimed actors, are worth the wait.
Victor Vu is considered the most famous actor in Vietnam
Quoc Ngoc Ngoan in the series of three villains of the brutality of the film, including: Vu Tuan Viet as Damien Law – character stands in stark contrast to Hung at the beginning of the immortal life, Cuong Seven in the shoulder – Cold always hunts Hung and Truong The Vinh as Cuong, a large landowner who owned coal mines, opium plantations and bloody death with Hung.
Victor Vu is considered the most famous actor in Vietnam
The scene of the event is set up like a cave, with its mysterious dark color, the uranium of the film. Immortals will hit the theaters on 12 October.

The immortal setting of the & # 39; Immortal & # 39; in the series of Dung Dung caves

Victor Vu & # 39; s film is set in the north, center and south, from the old villages of North Vietnam to the spectacular caves in the central and the old villas in the south.

  • Vu Quoc Viet

    Vu Quoc Viet

    Vu Quoc Viet, better known as Victor Vu, is a film director, screenwriter, filmmaker and Vietnamese-American filmmaker. The first film directed by Victor Vu was a short film called "Firecracker" (1997). He is known for the comedy "Love Story", "Bride War", martial arts martial arts "Heavenly Hero". Victor won the "Best Cinematography" award during the Golden Kite Awards (2012).

    Did you know: Hartbloed is the most successful commercial of Victor Vu. Launched in 2014, blood blood sales reached 86 billion

    • Date of birth: 1975/11/25
    • Birthplace: California, USA.
    • woman: Dinh Ngoc Deep
    • Feature film: Bridesmaid war, heroic hero, scandal, blood heart, tie, leopard …

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