Voice of children who sing for free 2018: the battle round Hide the power of the button and the block lock

Hidden circle Vietnamese singing voice nhi 2018 It will be an interesting fight for three coaches: Hu Hoai Anh – Huu Huong Giang, Soobin Hoang Son – Vu Cat Tuong and Bao Anh – Khac Hung. Apart from the increase in the number of coaches, this year's program contains reformed formats. There, the Block button is also officially applied. With button lock, the manager can prevent a competitive team from competing.

Voice of VietNam 2018: Fighting Hide the face of the button lock and lock sound - Picture 1.

Together with that, Vietnamese singing voice nh There is an innovation called "Negative Lock Button". As the name implies, the excluded pair will not be discussed, but it can be a lot of trick & # 39; are to convince the candidate. But unlike the blocking button, participants are still selected for the blocked team.

Vu Cat Tuong shared when he was asked about the negative case. "Wall and Bin will dance, roll over, muddy the road … and then only the way of eating alone Wall has laid out many interesting items to persuade the kids to go, everyone will be known when the game starts "said the singer.

Free Voice of Japan 2018: The battle for the tense face Hide the lock button and lock - photo 2.
Free Voice of Japan 2018: The battle for the loose face for the lock button and the negative lock - photo 3.

In addition, the first images of the Viet Vo Dao show were revealed. The coaches have prepared a lot of gifts to rush candidates to the team. In particular Hoang Son – Vu Cat Tuong not only has a teddy bear, poster handheld but he also brings a blue mascot to the stage …

With Bao Anh – Khac Hung, they are also "non-medium" when they are constantly "chác chác" for the remaining opponents. Bao Anh used the praise, wings to impress the participants. Finally, Hoai Anh Lake – Liu Huong Giang have tactics to fight candidates extremely unexpectedly.

2018 will be broadcast on Saturday 21 October on VTV3, starting on 8/9/2018.

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