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What do you think of the contest beauty contests of the 2018 participants?

Not all participants participated in this competition, but only 20 participants. Criteria for evaluating tourism is the ability to present, knowledge and ability to communicate in order to promote the beautiful images of Tourism Vietnam for domestic tourists and international visitors. Because of the international tourist elements in Travel Beauty, more criterion is the ability of a foreign language. On the basis of those criteria and looking at the performance of the participants, my first impression was a bit of a surprise, because we have a new generation of young people, especially young women, who have conquered as they are. I still imagine the old Vietnamese woman. It is shy, less appears in the crowd and talks uncomfortably. But in the competitions of the participants we see the women confident, knowledgeable, able to present their knowledge and to convey it to the public in an emotional and convincing way.

It can be said that some participants have good presentation lectures. They talk about their homeland or the new country, where scenes, customs and a unique kitchen are. They prepare a good basis of knowledge. There was an introduction of 10 minutes in the presentation, which made me very surprised and helped me find new things in myself.

Students start with English in about 2 minutes, I am very impressed. We can say that this is a way to promote tourism very well. In this world of global integration without the ability of foreign languages, it is very difficult for us to communicate the beauty of the country, the people of Vietnam.

In particular, I pay attention to some candidates choose the presentation, the unique approach, it is not just a presentation of knowledge, knowledge of a country or a cultural phenomenon. they want to get to know tourists. They presented themselves with emotion very honest, excited and inspiring for the listener. After we had finished listening, we wanted to put our backpack on the road and come to that country.

I think that in the past we did not pay much attention to the benefits of tourism. They create attractive, attractive for the listener. That is one of the criteria we assess. Beauty Travel is the ability to present, communicate and attract listeners.

Are there participants who present the places where the competition takes place?

The beauty contest takes place before the start of the first phase of the race in Da Nang, but there are a number of selected candidates to talk about Da Nang, Hoi An.

Our participants are very creative, they do not only talk about the countries they know as their place of residence, they choose countries with a special character in the field of landscapes, customs and people. We appreciate a little creativity, courage and sensitivity with our choice of presentations.

Beauty is a new competition that was held in the framework of the Miss Vietnam 2018 competition, do you have any comments to make this competition more attractive if you keep it next year?

It is true that the competition in the first year, the candidates also encounter a number of problems and shame. Hopefully through this competition, by improving the strengths and points of the candidates, you will have the parts to express yourself better. In terms of organization, I think we need direction, to recommend candidates on the subject. And the candidates themselves in the process of presenting tourist promotion need more tools to support more. Here, for example, I saw that some candidates used the tools to support images, clips …

So, promoting tourism in the country, people of Vietnam is the target of the contest Beauty Tourism?

Yes, through this competition, in addition to the contents of the candidates presented the beauty of the country, the people of Vietnam also contribute to attract tourists. Moreover, the beauty contest is intended to encourage and encourage young people, especially young people with physical benefits, to have public interest in promoting tourism. I think this is a great idea for the competition. Perhaps, Vietnam tourism through the scene of Vietnam candidates, the contest will reach the friends of the world and the first domestic visitors to the country.

Thank you for the conversation!

Do Quyen

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