"When Fan Failure I get up to apologize, but not only am I wrong!"

Speaking of Thai Hoa, everyone seems to think of a box office king & # 39; with a series of sales records on top of the list of Vietnamese films. As a theater actor nobody expected that Thai Hoa would become a phenomenon on the big screen due to the character of the club in Mai Mai. The humor is not where you go, not handsome but charming, able to play flexibly, Thai Hoa quickly put his name on the top of the film in Vietnam.

Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! - Photo 1.

Thai Hoa and director Charlie Nguyen, the duo of the cash register, has been bombarded for years with films like Long Flood, Wedding Day, Tuo Mai, Mai Mai 2 … but suddenly fell apart with Fan Cuong – a film about rock music. $ 26 billion invested, but sales failed, Thai Hoa also clip clips, apologies to the public because everyone thinks he looks comedy. Everyone thought the box office king was out of balance and panicked, so much so that he and his good friend Charlie did not work for two years.

Back to Your wife, the doubts of Fan Cuong are still there. But no, it turns out that his wife is the most attractive work in 2018 by grace, so civilized and Thai Hoa have regained their form. From the stop two years ago to the success of his wife, "box king" where and what to do?

When Fan Failure, I stand up to acknowledge, but I am not the only one!

Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! - Photo 2.

I do not know how people perceive it as being the top of their career, to be regarded as the "box office king" and then suddenly fail, but it is normal for me. Of course I am not happy, not on the point of crisis. I am not good and then lose. I see it as a training, forging to prevent failure.

I am very tired. Fan Failure, The San Francisco Ghost Failed, even if nobody asked me to film again, I think I was not afraid, because life does not stop there. Ever since I went to the Theater – Film School, I have often failed. I tasted that feeling with every exam. But then the success comes and sometimes it fails. Just as my exams were at the top, I was extremely proud. But the following tests did not work well. That feeling is no different when the Fan Cuong fails. At school I learned to go back to school as I used to. In life, I or this movie and this film is no longer strange.

Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! - Photo 3.

When Fan Failure, I get up to acknowledge the mistake, but many people are wrong. For example, PR marketing, and then the public that they think they will comedy, generally subjective error of many people, not myself or an individual.

Everyone thought that I would feel confused and depressed. But I ignored it, I spent time alone, traveling for enlightenment, even when I had no money left. Because for me the failure is not over. Even his wife has failed, the film continues to fail, I will not die. Of course, while making a movie, I would try to perfect the role, but the result is well received or not, it does not matter. I admit that I am a slut. If so, I still have to live! I do not make films. So I did not attach much weight to it.

Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! - Photo 4.

I never wanted my role to stand out. It's like you're crazy!

About My Wife, I must immediately say that the first thing that made me act is not that this is Charlie's film, but because of the good script. Prior to his wife, he and I had a hard time finding a script and then starting on several other projects that had projects that cost him Charlie for a few months. It takes even more time to wait.

That is why I filmed again in a few years, two years. Prior to Wife, there were two scenarios but that did not really fit us, so Charlie and I started writing a new script. At that time, his wife's scenario came to Charlie's hand and he sent it to me. At that time I found this script very good, so I started doing it. But Charlie repaired it and put it into production.

Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! - Photo 5.

Everyone sees in this film that I am no longer the central character. But it does not matter, it is important that it is justified with the script. When I get a role, I do not want to play my role, the intention is wrong! The fact that I want to play my role must be the same as you play. What I have to do is not, but try to understand and understand this shoulder instead of making it better than other actors. So ambitious. Hope is not ambitious, it will hurt.

Hung's role in his wife is more charming and gentle than the other roles, there is reason. The first is the genre that it is, not the jubilant one like Teo Eo. Although I used to play many kinds of characters, this scenario requires that everything should be deeper, but less. It is his job to try to meet the demands and emotions of the script, if the failure to do good will spoil the film well. Hung character does not allow him to exaggerate, so Thai Hoa in this movie will be different.

In the original script, the story revolves around a handsome boy, a six-pack boy, in the form of easy-to-get women. However, when translating the Vietnamese script, Charlie decided to repair the matching character. Of course, the marshmallows are beautiful in the original script, so I can not.

To be a good man because of love, good housewife accidentally reasonable with the society of his country. But if you follow the original script, there is nothing that is not irrational. Cinema, you do not want to do anything, just what you do or not! If you make the audience believe, draw something that they also listen to, otherwise it's nice or bad.

Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! - Photo 6.

Everyone also asked me if I thought the film was a "man and woman". trend. The fact that women go to work and men in households can not be a trend in Vietnam, but it does exist. If I make a house for my family, I might do so. But I would sacrifice if my family was happy or something. Personally, I do not find housework easy, there are many things I have to learn. For men it is considered a challenge.

Say that I now eat just but not cooked, clean also rarely. Once cooked, it must be "toxic", so I can not remember my name. I am on my way for a cooking program & # 39; s. Every time I see something good or easy to cook, I will practice again. The children at home found the tuna porridge I had cooked.

Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! Photo 7.

If commenting on Your Wife is an opportunity for me and Charlie is to return to the Vietnamese film circuit, then I have to say this: although two years ago, when Fan Cuong was rated as failure, I still cherish. Honor it and cherish it. What I blame is that I did not do the job well, the public's fault for the wrong view of the film.

I was always a star!

Someone asked if my career goal is to get up to be a star, a famous actor, who leads the Philippines. That was actually my goal. I remember when, for the first time, I stepped into Drama – Movie School and started working in the backstage at 135 Hai Ba Trung, when I looked at the stage, I wondered why actor Bao Quoc stepped out of it. Deduction is introduced as "the first comedy". At that time, I thought the stars were so bright, loved by many and loved, came out while the audience clapped their hands, too. So I set the goal for forty years, fifty years, you have to be like Six Nations. But the more I work, the more I notice that it no longer suits me. At one point I looked at the job again.

My name is "Prince of the Box", I never thought about it. Since the first few films I participated in did not have many cards, even the first movie was a white hole. Not sure much film selection, high yield was good movie. It also depends on a number of factors, important to meet what the market needs.

Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! - Photo 8.

I have not found myself successful in the meantime. Only a memorable role. The role that brought me closest to the audience might still be the association in Part 1 Mai Although it did not reach the desired threshold, but only a little more complete. There are also many people who say that the association is the shadow of the Thai Hoa, but not for me.

There are other names in the audience, such as Teo or Ho, even for a long time. And I've never been afraid to just play a character or make a character more memorable than that character, no matter what happens.

Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! Photo 9.

Try to make the most of every character, and the story of how he lives depends on each other. The denial of the characters associated with Thai Hoa often have a number of similarities, perhaps that is my weakness. I also try to create a new character. But said that the character of Thai Hoa is not so, because the essence of my life is very boring!

Both Vietnamese film industry is not professional, Vietnamese non-professional!

2 years of relaxation I do not watch Vietnamese films but have observed their movement. It is true that the cinema of our country is on the move, clearly coming out. But what I do not like is that many filmmakers shoot too much. It is worrisome and sad for filmmakers. People say they hate me, but it is not good because it affects the country.

Vietnamese cinema is now lacking professionalism. It does not stop at the cinema, the Vietnamese people themselves also lack professionalism. Up to now, my highest appreciation for the production is still Chanh Phuong Film Studio, because they dare to take the risk and commit themselves. Look at Heroes Blood, who dared to spend $ 1.6 million on film !? Meanwhile, they still have to pay for the film, but look at the value it brings.


Thái Hòa: If the fan fails, I'll drop my apologies, but I'm not just sorry! Photo 10.

Many actors, but still missing, are even rare. They also rely on many talents. Starting from Kaity Nguyen, the girl has a lot of acting potential, but if you bring her to another group, it may not be as fast as Phuong Anh Dao. In general, both are very potential, the new hope of Vietnamese cinema. The story of young people to drown me or not, I did not think. I do not play a big role, small role, as long as I still do it, I really do.

In the future, I personally hope that I can take more positions, such as writing scripts, directing or producing, but that is only hope. Meanwhile, I think I am not strong enough. I have a lot of work to do, films are only a part. The concept to make people different. For Thai Hoa at this time, before the eyes still only receive film and film.

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