11th grade girl loves to fall in love

The thoughts will happily be tasted sweet, but the marriage of girls in high school with brutal husband has led to a bitter end …

That is, around 7 pm on September 16, while Mai Thi Bao C. (SN 2001) prepares a dinner in her mother's house, Le Thi G. (Xuan Truong municipality, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh) conflicts with her husband, Nguyen Thanh Nam, 26, stays in the same municipality.

Tray has just been cooked, not yet eaten between C. and her husband were fighting, fighting. Man dragged several stitches against his wife, causing C. to fall to the floor.

Even though he was taken to an emergency hospital, his injuries were so severe that C. died. Nam was arrested immediately after the Nghi Xuan District Police Investigation Agency.

The death of C. was really shocking for family, family, friends, teachers, … Everyone is unfortunate, sorry for C, a girl is too young to wear a ball carpet.

The bitterness of the darling girl of the 11th grade passionately loved - Photo 1.

The break of students of the 11th class ended a tragic end.

With reference to C. say the people who live near the home of the victims while they are still in school, C. very nice, kind, beloved.

Ms. C. remembered that C. at the end of 2017, when she was a 11th grade student, surprised teachers and friends when she was suddenly asked to go to school to marry Nguyen Thanh Nam.

"We know that C. has feelings for Nam, but no one thinks C. lacks school to marry, so when C. marry us, we are stunned." Respect our decision C. We are happy My husband and I are warm, happy, but … "- said a friend of C. touched.

But that young girl does not get lucky. Neighbors say, from the day they were married, between the age of C. and South, there was a fight. Man to go home, leave home or even without jealousy. Repetitive nature, Nam has been defeated many times. About 3 months ago, after defeating his wife, Nam brought home the furniture of the house. Although he was remembered by the police, but male evidence is still handicapped, he nevertheless keeps his wife, even though she was still young.

C family members said, despite the man's violence, but because of love, C. still insisting, tolerated quietly.

In the afternoon of September 16, daughter, son-in-law took her son to the house, Mrs G. (mother C.) excited to prepare the meal. Mrs. G. had not expected that last meal she had not eaten with her daughter. Just because they accept the sentence that the South has used for his mother with a woman stabbed by a straight knife.

C. Men are found guilty before the law, the 3-month-old daughter of C. en Nam lost her mother. Because of the health of premature babies, health is weak, now lack of breast milk and mothers hand care. When she thinks about the grim future of her grandson, Mrs. G. can not contain the sigh.

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