70 years of party inspection Party discipline is inevitable

Today, the Communist Party's inspection arm has existed for 70 years since its inception. Starting from the demands and tasks of party formation and discipline and discipline within the party, on 16 October 1948, the Party Central Committee decided to set up the Central Inspection Committee. the first official inspection of the party. In the past 70 years, the party inspection has gone through the development stages of the country and party inspectors have the right to be proud of their contributions to the revolutionary cause of the party.

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Acting President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh has awarded Labor Penning first class to the Central Commission for Inspection. Photo: VNA

In the new development phase, especially since the implementation of the central resolutions on building and reorganizing the party (resolution No. 4 of XI and XII), the inspection of the party has really promoted, importantly marked during the cleaning of the party.

President Ho Chi Minh once said: "A people, a celebration that every man, yesterday is great, has great appeal, is not sure today and tomorrow is still loved and praised., If the heart is not clear, if you are in individualism falls The party installs the teachings of the uncle, the party determines: pinching Party discipline is inevitable.

5 years: discipline on 4,300 executives and party members

In the past five years (from 2013 to date), the Party Committee, the Inspection Council at all levels, followed the discipline of more than 4,300 cadres, Party members as a result of corruption, deliberately made the opposite. Through inspections and inspections, it recommended the recovery and treatment of more than VND 400,000 billion and more than 18,500 hectares of land, transferring 515 cases showing signs of violation of criminal law to the competent authorities for investigation and treatment. the law.

In particular, with the arrival of the party inspection body, many serious corruption and economic cases have accelerated the investigation, prosecution, trial timely and strictly before the law. including senior officials, employed and retired cadres such as Dinh La Thang, Trinh Xuan Thanh and co-defendants, the case involving Phan Van Anh Vu ("Aluminum")), Pham Cong Danh …

Only from the beginning of term XII until now (from 1 January 2016), the discipline has implemented 56 officers from central management. This is a breakthrough in the research and discipline of the party, stricter discipline and discipline in the party and state apparatus, overcrowded cadres, party members and people agree, support and evaluation. high.

The work of party inspection ensures honesty, accuracy and timeliness, "penetrating the senses, reaching out", and contributes significantly to building a healthy social environment for socio-economic development.

The inspection work is carried out in a way that is clear, clear, clear and conclusive, handles this and thoroughly overcomes the violation.

People agree, support

In the past two years the conclusions of the Central Commission for Inspection have been welcomed with enthusiasm.

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Mr. Duong Quang Phai.

Duong Quang Phai, an elderly person from Doi Can, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, said the party inspection office "pioneered", "broke through the door" and opened the door to desks. Other functions, including the investigative body, clarify the nature of the problem, not just the discipline of the party, but also the legal treatment.

According to Phai, one of the innovations of the Central Commission for Inspection in the first half of this term, the public inspection conclusions, in contrast to the previous period, only internal announcement, more or less psychological cause. suspicion among the people. Such publicity is on the one hand the basis for people to monitor anti-corruption work, on the one hand to scare and alert people who are out to violate this.

"This is not a lawsuit, but must have all the evidence to properly assess violations of cadres and members of the party." Based on that, it has the right kind of treatment, humanity and the person being treated, "- said the Mr. Phai.

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Mr. Doan Kha Dinh.

Doan Kha Dinh (retired officer in Chuong Duong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) said the conclusions about the signs of violation by party organizations and party members recently "the conclusions are the love of people". As before, there were areas where individuals appeared to be "restricted areas," but with the responsibility and final input from the party inspection body, those hidden corners were gradually revealed.

"I want to emphasize the role of cadres, party members, especially those who do the work of party inspection, and they must be pure and incorruptible examples of talking about others," he emphasized.

According to Assoc. Prof. dr. Nguyen Van Giang, the deputy head of the Institute for Party Building, the Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy, went to many places in the country to observe public opinion. The inspection falls under the Central Inspection Committee. The deputy head of the Party Institute said: "I heard the brothers say that it is difficult to influence the work of the inspection team, they work very seriously, responsibly, objectively, honestly, and perhaps the way places should learn to follow. Only in this way can we draw accurate, honest conclusions without the benefit of the dominant group. "

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Assoc., Prof. dr. Nguyen Van Giang.

Recruiting discipline and discipline of the Party is inevitable

Drawing on five years' experience behind the central anti-corruption and anti-corruption steering committee, Secretary-General Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized the tightening of discipline and discipline within the party. During the 14th meeting of 16/8/2018 of the Central Steering Committee on Corruption Prevention and Control, the secretary confirmed that party discipline should continue as an important starting point for the wrong approach of criminal cadres, corruption.

Party discipline must be stricter than state discipline, business discipline. This motto was also identified by the Central Commission for Inspection in the coming years to strengthen and strengthen the Party.

Tran Quoc Vuong, member of the Politburo, permanent secretary of the secretariat, stressed the political determination & # 39; to clean up the party. through monitoring, monitoring and discipline activities of the party. Mr. Vuong said that when detecting signs of violation, must quickly check, fiercely, thoroughly, resolve resolutely. The inspection conclusions must be clear, transparent and treated in a fair and objective manner, avoiding the situation of "waiting, listening", "heavily on and less".

Whether the situation is "hot or cold" in the party inspection and answered this question, Ha Quoc, a member of the Central Commission for Inspection, said that the spokesperson for the agency said: A warm start is also followed on hot and under. In fact, the party inspectors have been involved in some places in the proposed handling of many infringed frameworks. In addition to the implementation of the regulation 30 on inspection, supervision and discipline of the party, the central inspection committee can carry out inspections up to district level, so that the provincial level sees the responsibilities of the party. I am in the management of cadres. This was done experimentally in Tra Vinh city (Tra Vinh province) and Huong Hoa (Quang Tri) and found violations.

Recruiting party discipline is indispensable if the party holds the leadership of the country. To lead, they have to check, not to investigate if not leading.

Huong Giang-Kim Anh / VOV.VN

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