Abuse of police in Ba Ria-Vung Tau: due to failure of bribery

In the afternoon of August 22, Ba Ria Police (province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau) reported to the provincial police, in which they proposed to treat the case in which women insulted the patrol team of the police Traffic police in Ba Ria town when the task caused rumors of the afternoon 20-8.

At 17.18 hrs. & Nbsp; 20-8, the team of traffic police from Ba Ria Police to Senior Lieutenant Nguyen Huu Tho (team leader) and three other officers and soldiers in charge of the patrol Hoa Long, Ba Ria .

Via a speedometer it was determined that a 72A-196.29 speedboat car was driving too fast in the densely populated (58 / 50km / hour) traffic area, a traffic cop warning the driver to stop. to check.

After stopping the driver was Nguyen Van Nguu (living in Ward 11, Vung Tau City). He did not show his driving license to ignore the offense.

However, the team refused, did not receive and warned Mr Nui money in his pocket. Then Nguu and his wife, Doan Thi Hue (his wife Nguoi), started abusing insults and insulting traffic police.

The members of the working group still stick to their behavior and explain the law to Mr. Nguu. The two Nguoi, however, continue to abuse as above.

When Nui saw signs of alcohol while driving, the patrol team carried out alcohol measurements with Mr. Niu. Via the measuring instrument, the alcohol content is 0.116 mg / liter of breathing gas.

The patrol presented the notes of administrative offenses to Mr. Nguu for three errors: speeding from 5 to less than 10 km / h; not producing a driving license; Take control of the car with an alcohol content of no more than 0.25 mg / liter.

Traffic police also carried out temporary detention of vehicles, as witnessed by a large number of people in the neighborhood.

Nguoi Nhat and his wife, however, have prevented the task force from carrying out their duties. On the same day at 18h, with the support of troops including the police of Hoa Long, police 113, the new couple agreed with the team to bring the car to the police station of Ba Ria.

On the way and when to police station Ba Ria, Mrs. Hue continued to have the words of insults, insults, insults, and traffic violations.

At 6.20 pm Mr. Nui his driver's license, the team also noted this in the list of administrative violations. Traffic police sealed the car. Niu agrees to sign the minutes.

Ba Ria Police will strictly deal with the administrative violations and traffic regulations of Mr. Nguu.

The police will also invite Ms Hue to work on the consolidation of the file and to deal with the administrative violation of the honor and dignity of the person responsible for the public service in accordance with Decree 167/2013 / ND. -CP of the government on the sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of safety, social order and security; prevent and combat social harm; fire prevention and control; prevention and control of domestic violence.

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