American flexible teacher training exchange

According to this newspaper, in some American states only about half of the new teachers are pedagogical graduates of pedagogical schools. traditional style.

The development of flexible teacher training programs is supported by the US government, because these programs attract a large number of all social actors involved in education in a large number of different settings. Different educational institutions.

This strength includes those who graduated from the university recently and decided to teach for a few years.

Such programs are offered by different organizations: community colleges, local schools, traditional universities and homes. Providers for profit.

There are places where the number of new teachers participating in such training programs can account for 25% of the total number of teachers.

Flexible self-selection programs can simultaneously increase the number of teachers while maintaining or even improving the quality of the instruction

. The ability to use spoken language and understand the knowledge about the subject is the most important characteristic of high-quality teachers.

There are few indications that courses in pedagogy can lead to significant changes in the success that students achieve later.

From this, the report of the US Department of Education on the quality of pedagogical curricula outlines four recommendations relating to pedagogical schools. and traditional training programs & # 39; s:

First: support for the development of new models of local teacher training and flexible, programming-based learning, to create teachers Practical skills to meet the high demands of schools in places.

Q 2: Support the government initiative to end the monopoly in teacher training for pedagogical schools.

Third: Help states to streamline their workplace requirements. The emphasis is on the ability to use spoken language and content of the subject, creating new and very challenging assessment standards for pedagogical candidates.

Wednesday: Encourage efforts by the state to change the competence of quality assessment of new teachers, transfer this authority from the state administration to the school directors.

Some American studies indicate that traditional schools for teacher training and programs have not produced the "high quality" products required by law. . They claim that these professional teachers actually use very little of what they learn in teaching in practical teaching, and that is waste.

That's why, in the decade Traditional training programs have introduced innovative strategies to ensure that every teacher is well-versed in the subject for which he is responsible, as well as for his understanding of how he learns. Modern educational techniques can be effective and can work together with colleagues to create a rich learning environment for students.

That is the era of major changes in American pedagogy. These changes have had a profound effect on pedagogical schools in the United States.

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