Arrested murder of a naked woman in a bucket of water

In connection with the murder of Thach Den (35 years old, living in the municipality of Phu Tam, Chau Thanh district), Soc Trang Province, is suspected of killing TTML

According to the first investigation, night 14/9, Thach Den broke into the house, Mrs. T.T.M.L. (47 years old, living in Truong Loc village, An My commune) with the aim of mrs. L. to kill property. After murdering Mrs. L. Black took a necklace and wild rape, but the victim was dead, so Black pushed Mrs L.'s body into the bath tank and left the bathroom. school.

On the morning of September 15, Mr. L's sister-in-law went to the house to get the car to work, after which the case had to report to the police. By means of research, through professional measures, the police of the province of Soc Trang ordered a distress call Thạch Đ on 17 September when he was at home.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Trung (local population), Ms. L. is the 8th child in the family of local brothers. Previously, she went to work in the remote, new to live in the area for about 3 years. In daily life, due to a lack of family, mrs. L. only in the home of the biological parents (lost), very little interaction with neighbors.

The case is being investigated by the police in the Soc Trang province.


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