Climbing to buy, a trader fell dead

The accident occurred on the morning of 20/8 in the area of ​​Quang Phu district (city of Quang Ngai). At that time, Mr. N.L. (born in 1960, stay in Nghia Dien, Tu Nghia district) to buy a palm tree from a Quang Phu department.

When L. just climbed to the top of the tree, the tree suddenly fell to the ground, causing it to fall to the ground. L. struck many stones, causing him to die on the spot. After the incident, the family took Mr L.'s body to the funeral home.

The tree fell to the ground, causing L. to fall to the ground

tree cau L. & # 39; s body fell to the ground and killed him

In recent years the palm tree price has increased, so many people have bought the forest. It is very dangerous to pick a palm because the picker only uses his limbs to climb without any insurance.

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