Clip woman jumps on capo car jealousy, her husband hits the runaway corridor and makes the road indignant

According to the video exchange, the incident occurred yesterday 17/9 near the bus station north of Ho Chi Minh City. Hue. The woman who appeared in the clip would be his wife after she caught her husband while she was carrying her lover in a car that jumped into a capo cap to beat jealousy.

Instead of stepping out of the car, the man pushes his way away, his wife still stuck to his cap. When he saw the dangerous situation, the passerby followed this car and repeatedly called:"He stopped the car, stopped the car, how bad, why carry his wife".

A man took a break while his wife tried to stay on the cap. Finally, the man who is said to be the man who also goes to his wife by car fainted on the car, and her mistress following the clip was left behind.

The woman jumps to the top of the capo to become jealous.

The videoclip of the incident after it has been shared on the social network has produced mixed opinions. Most critics criticize the irresponsible behavior of the husband while he is still in the car, despite his wife clinging to the capo. Besides, the actions of the woman are also difficult to deal with, because she pushes herself into a dangerous situation.

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