Conflicts affair, a man was killed with the car

According to the original information about 1h45 the same day, Lai Duc Chung (SN 1983, Le Dai Hanh street) and Le Ngo Vinh Phat (SN 1993, resident of the 8th group, department Ia Circle) -1253 for Nguyen Van Toan (SN 1984, resident at 02B, Duy Tan street, Dien Hong ward-Pleiku) to resolve the conflict in the affair.

Upon arrival Chung and Phat got in the car and met Toan to talk. At the moment Toan sits on the car BKS 81A-116.20 (car is built in the garden of Toan).

The scene of the incident

The scene of the incident

When Chong saw that, he quickly ran in front of the car and Phat rushed back to his car for a 90 cm long knife, then ran to the right to drive to the car. Anger gasped in anger and straightened his body. Chung. As a result, Chung was taken to Gia Lai General Hospital for emergency treatment, but died later.

After the incident, Full Control escaped the scene. When the car drives to the Le Thanh Ton junction (at the Ia Kring department), the car is thrown over. Then the suspect arrived at the Dien Hong ward police station and confessed his crime.

At this time, the functional agencies will conduct an investigation to clarify the causes of the cases.

Pham Hoang

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