Cries of three being after their sudden death

When I heard the grandson crying, she cut the door cord to check if the daughter was dead while her arms were still holding her.

Son Me (27 years old, living in the Vinh Phuoc department, Vinh Chau town, Soc Trang province) came to the village of Buon Hong to work for his wife, Mrs. Lam Thi Hong Quyen (28 years old). This young woman suddenly died one day in the morning and left three children behind when her husband worked in the city.

Mr. Huynh Van Nam – Head of Bottom Sea Village said his family is extremely difficult. Ms. Quyen's life to a third child and her husband had to work as a hired worker to raise money for 7 people in her birthplace.

Cries of three being after their sudden death
3 Being after Sudden Death. Picture: Sing

"Mr Liem is the father of Mel, age is almost 70. The parents are not very smart, sleep often in the chicken coop, she may have been hit by a baby daughter, but she was hit by a knife," the village head said

Local authorities mobilize donors to support the funeral expenses of Quyen and help the three children of the victims.

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