"Dating with someone except marrying good boys and a book"

Five years ago, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg launched a book titled Women Should Care for a Career. In an interview, this powerful woman also advised all women to engage in emotional relationships.

When a journalist from the Financial Times asked Sandberg what she had to look for in a relationship, the female director replied: "Find a man who always wants an equal relationship." Those who want to support your career will have a great career for you. "

Curious about this answer, the reporter continued to ask how he could find that man. Sandberg calls them "good boys" and to get the best answer: go directly to them.

When you are in the dating phase, do not hesitate to stand in front of your other half and ask him if he is a "good guy" who wants to have an equal and ready relationship to support his career. you or not.

This seemed like a serious question for the first date, but Sandberg also noted that it should be made as soon as possible and do not be afraid to offend the enemy.

"If they think your question is offensive to self-respect, stop dating."

She also emphasized: & # 39; You can go out with anyone you want, but you must marry good boys and boys. & # 39;

The chief executive of Facebook advises women to: marry a friend with a good guy and a bookworm - Figure 1.

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