Dozens of bookstores still do not buy enough to educate

On the evening of August 20, after his son's graduation, Nguyen Van Nam, a native of the Tan Phu district (HCM City), held a handful of school papers with a list of about a dozen books to buy. When the bookstore in the Tan Ky Tan Quy Street came to the Dai Nam bookstore to ask for books of class 1 for children, the staff of this bookstore immediately said: "Class 1 textbooks are no longer rolling." According to these staff: "Not only textbooks from school year 1, but classes 6 and 10 are already months gone by. In some other classes some books are missing, but not enough classes."

After him, PV continues to the Tan Binh bookstore (located on Truong Chinh street) to find books. The parking lot of the bookshop is full, many people are waiting outside the car for their loved ones to buy books. According to a staff member of the bookstore class 1 material is only in Vietnamese 1, but the other books have been out for a long time, but the order is not yet known. Not only Nam, many other parents also hold the paper issued by the school to buy books, but sigh, shaking their head to run, not even have bought enough sleep. Tran Van Quyen, head of the helmet team who just kept a sheet of paper on the shelves, said urgently: "In the morning I go back to school, daughter gave me a sheet of almost ten books, school needed buy, but run from noon to evening in the neighborhood of a dozen bookshops that are not enough ".

Hoang Thi Huong, a student of Tan Phu High School's 11th class, also hastened to find books. In the beginning, the school had a message to buy books at the school, so he registered. Now, however, the school told us that all books did not have to give us. "We walked all night long and still missed 3 books, I do not know how many days a book needs to be studied again," Huong said anxiously.

Fortunately, Pham Thanh Phuong, a child of this year in primary school Nguyen Thuong Hien, Go Vap, no lack of school books prepared for children since more than a month ago. Song, the day the school needs some books, such as Art, Crafts, they went to a bookstore from 3 to 4 and not yet. "They date me back 24/7 this time, so I hope there's a fight but they're not going to school, but books are not very good," said Phuong.

"Fire" books for fear of inventory

In the light of the scarcity of books, Duong Van Dung, head of the general administrative department, explained the Vietnamese Education Publishing House in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnamese publisher): "The lack of books on the market is mainly due to Bookstores, local bookstores and school equipment are reluctant to order Class 1 textiles when information is available that will replace class 1 textbooks in 2019-2020 and that will not be available. "

Meanwhile, sharing with a reporter, a book market and a company for educational equipment said that the school for textbooks in the early school & # 39; delicious & # 39; lucrative, not only for bookshops, but also for schools. "The school will discount a relatively high percentage of commissions," he said, adding that if the same series of books bought by parents at large bookstores, an average of 5-15% was discounted School purchases are almost none, not to mention the commission to buy in bulk. According to these staff it is because of the information instead of the next school year that the book supply units no longer place books for fear of storage, so there is no school.

Mekong Delta: parents who struggle to run the textbook for children & # 39;

Mrs. Nguyen Hong Van, 36, of the Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, said she traveled through the bookstore to other bookstores to buy the first class books. say all books. "Do not know what children will study under the program, so I do not buy it earlier, wait until the beginning of the school year for the list of books to buy new." My children are now enrolled and 5 to 6 bookstores everywhere say that all books just a few books are so I also try to buy and wait for people to print more, but not how they learn, "- explains Van.

Tran Van Thanh (40 years old, based in the Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho City) said: "I have never had the trouble to buy books for my children, I take pictures of every book and then ask large bookstores in Can Tho, like: Fahasa, Phuong Nam, Nguyen Van Cu, … see books that buy that book that people say at the end of July.

In An Giang many parents also search for & # 39; burning & # 39; study books. Vo Ngoc Anh, 35, from Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province, said there is a shortage of textbooks in Long Xuyen City, especially in the area of ​​Grade 1 technology books. Last week she came to Can Tho. Buy books for children, but no empty hands. "This morning I just sent acquaintances to buy in Ho Chi Minh city without knowing if I had to buy or not," – said Ngoc Anh.

Talk to reporters, a staff member at Phuong Nam Bookstore PNC Can Tho said that the current textbooks for educational technology of the first grade have been & burnt up 10 days ago & # 39 ;. Moreover, textbooks from group 6 and 10 are also scarce. At the bookshop Fahasa Can Tho, the staff said here, the book has also been published since mid-June 2018. Cause as a result of the following year, the textbook class 1 will change, so that the publisher is printed in small numbers.

& # 39; & # 39; Early in the morning the daughter gave me a sheet of almost ten textbooks to buy, but ran from late afternoon to a dozen bookstores, but still not enough. & # 39;

parents Mr. Tran Van Quyen (HCMC)


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