Drunk, the knife was used to knife son 7 years old law

In the morning of 3/9, the General Hospital of Lang Son said that the Department of Burning Hospital received a Phung Van T (SN 2011), a resident of Nhu Ky, Van Lang, Lang Son and Phung Van T . many injuries to the person.

Previously, after drunken wine, Father T sees mischievous children with a knife in the kitchen, causing the victim to be knocked down to fall into place, running blood.

Listen to the call, the neighbor came to stop and take T to the municipality health station bandage wound, then transferred to the provincial hospital emergency.

According to the doctors, a very happy wound in the neck does not hurt the blood vessels. The current health of the patient has been temporarily stabilized.

The authorities of the Nhu Ky community said that T & # 39; s family was poor, his mother worked as a laborer in the congregation, and his father, who had drunk tea, had a nervousness that led to unconscious and dangerous actions.

Nguyen Duy Chien

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