Drunken drunken son killed 7 wounded

On 2 September, General Hospital of Lang Son said that the hospital had undergone medical emergency treatment for the 7-year-old boy in Lang Son injured by his father's knife on the right shoulder and neck.

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Phung Van T-children

Phung Van T (7 years old, in the Van Lang district, Lang Son province) in distress at 2:15 pm on September 1 capable of the person with shoulder and neck injuries.

Family of children said the family is in trouble, the mother is a worker in the distance, father often drunk and beaten T. About 21 hours on 31/8, after drinking alcohol, the father used a sharp knife After cutting , T was happy to find the aunt they had discovered nearby and taken in emergency situations.

The patient was resuscitated by doctors and resuscitated the wound. Fortunately, the neck injury does not damage the blood vessels.

The current health of patients temporarily stabilized.

According to L.H / Lao Dong

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