Eager to start going to school

Students at top level

From 6.30 am many parents were present at the gate of Yen The Primary School (district Binh Thanh) to bring their children back to school. Mrs. Huynh Thu Thao, children in group 1, said: "Although the school distance is less than 2 km, but the mother left very early because of the tension, I do not know the class, the teacher's homeroom".

In the same way, there are also many parents who bring their children to school on the site of Nguyen Dinh Chinh Primary School (Phu Nhuan district). Because of the high concentration of the school, pupils in the first year are given priority to spend the morning of the week listening to a number of necessary regulations. From Tuesday (21-8) the blocks 2, 3, 4, 5 will concentrate, the children will do the rules, familiarity before the start of the curriculum on 27 August. However, the school only offers one class a day during the first school week. From 6 to 9, new student boarding school.

In the Luong Dinh Cua primary school (district 3) most students are brought to their parents in time and the teachers quickly take up their activities and stabilize their activities. Mrs. Uong Thi My Anh, class teacher 1/4, said: "Because of the first day of school in the elementary school, many students in the first class turned out to have a rather strange environment, rules in the class." As a result, the teachers mainly provide art classes, they make knowledge with the class name, homeroom teachers, nanny and some simple learning skills, such as how to sit well, how to raise their hands, Speaking, greeting, group activities … These activities are very meaningful, and help the students to get used to the school, from where they are confident, friendly, like to go to school and love to go to school.

Moreover, the first year students did not officially participate in the banquet halls, toilets in the first week … In the Luong The Vinh Primary School (Go Vap district), quite a few students showed up crying, holding their parents to ask teachers to coax, take a seat to meet new friends.

On the higher level, Zhang Dieu Tuong, a 6A1 student, Hong Bang Secondary School (District 5) said he was nervous when he entered the new school year. However, after the ceremony to raise the flag and some inviting activities, the sixth graders were introduced to the first session to catch up with the new school year.

Eager to start school photo 1Students from the Hong Bang Secondary School (District 5) met in the early morning of the school

Unlike lessons about life skills

In the morning of August 20, more than 2,500 students Luong The Vinh Secondary School (District 1) excitedly entered the first day of school. In contrast to the previous school year, the first day of school did not start with familiar activities such as listening to the rules, discipline, discipline and instead of having students. Opportunity to share, experience life skills with the theme "Love".

Bui Minh Tam, headmaster, introduces educational activities in the field of life skills to raise pupils' awareness of living values, to help them understand the significance and importance of these values. with the development of personal personality. From there they will be motivated, inspired to have a positive attitude, very excited and active participation in educational activities at school. "59 classes are 59 different readings about love, but the same is to touch the true feelings of learners, to get back in them the feeling of giving and receiving in life," she said the director.

In class 9A1 the first lesson of the new school year was started by Nguyen Thi Tuyet Nhung, the class teacher, and started with the game "Find the best hand definition". After the students gave the definition of a beautiful hand one by one, Ms. Nhung showed the video with the topic "Hands of Mother & # 39 ;. There the hands seem to squeeze the labor, the forced labor, the tears of the invited guests to interview when they talk about the hardships that parents have in the future to act and the happiness of the children. And in the chairs below there were tears of falling students.

Nguyen Thi My Huyen, 9A1 student, said: "I am very surprised that the first lesson I received in the new school year is a lesson in the value of love.After 2 lessons I feel more loved by my parents and I understand the big meaning of family-affection. "

In many other classes students are given the opportunity to write letters that share the secret of the two beings or to divide the symbolic design of love. Activities also help children improve their teamwork skills while helping teachers to understand the feelings and feelings of each student with appropriate teaching methods. The first day ended with no score, no rigid conclusion or definition, but a lesson in love will help students better understand the meaning of giving and receiving in life.

According to the Education Department of Ho Chi Minh City, the whole city increased this year with 67,234 pupils, of which the primary school grew the most with 26,812 pupils, followed by the kindergartens with an increase of 20,225 pupils, the junior high school with 10,406 and the secondary school. with 9,791 pupils. All levels start on 5 September.


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