Educational Technology Program: who benefits?

Why is the document Vietnamese class 1 – educational technology & # 39; considered inadequate for group 1 students tested in 49 provinces with more than 800,000 students? Who participated in the national evaluation committee for this book to be further deployed and expanded … These are the questions asked by public opinion and the mother-HS, need specific answers. from the Ministry of Education and Training (GDET).

Ministry of Education praised!

According to the list of the National Council for the Evaluation of Documents "Vietnamese Class 1 – Educational Technology", prepared by the Ministry of Education, 13 members are experts from educational institutes, language institutes, representatives of primary schools and Vietnam Education Publishing House.

In view of the concerns of many parents, senior university lecturer Bui Manh Hung, chairman of the council, is now the most important coordinator of the new educational development program, which explains the material. "is not a separate program, but a teaching material by Professor Ho Ngoc Dai Teaching on the basis of this document is one of the options to teach Vietnamese to pupils in primary education, especially in disadvantaged areas, where many immigrant students and many places volunteered, according to Prof. Hung, this document helped students develop effective reading skills and correct spelling.

National Assembly deputy Nguyen Thi Kim Thuy (Danang City), who questioned Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha about the introduction of technology education in schools, once shared with the press that in the results "The Vietnamese language of Group 1 – Educational Technology "was sent to Ms. Nhu, who said that the document radiates enthusiasm and conscientiousness from the authors in compiling and experimenting with Vietnamese language teaching. For the first-class GS. Accordingly, the document created a number of notable differences in the method of teaching Vietnamese. In the future, if quality has improved, this document can be used as a textbook (textbook) when the country applies a new general education program under the policy of "one program, many SGK" effect. Of course, the condition is that this document must be assessed and approved by the National Council for the Evaluation of Textbooks as all other manuals.

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"Vietnamese language class 1 – Educational technology" is being tested in 49 provinces and cities

Great income

According to published prices, the material "Vietnamese Class 1 – Educational Technology" for students includes 18 books, the total price of 283,000 VND; "Vietnamese Class 1 – Educational Technology" 57,000 VND; "Education class 1 lifestyle – Technology education" includes 5 books, a total of 103,000.

Of these 18 books only 3 books can be considered as manuals for students to use daily as "Vietnamese Class 1 – Educational Technology" part 1 (sound / words), "Vietnamese Class 1 – Technology Education" volume 2 (rhyme), "Vietnamese class 1 – technology education "part 3 (self-learning). The price of these three books is 35,500 VND. The other 15 books are one-time pre-printed workbooks.

According to experts, if only three books cost 35,500 VND, parents of 800,000 students pilots must spend this program 28.4 billion euros. However, it is worth noting that parents can not buy only 3 books, but must purchase the whole package to register with the school, so that the amount can be spent up to 10 times. If the amount of 340,000 VND / set books x 800,000 HS, the amount that parents have to spend up to 272 billion.

One expert questioned: why does the scale of the use of a non-standard document increase? This expert also analyzes: In fact, the proceeds from the sale of books through the dispatch and through the school, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Education is not small.

The proof is that in the official letter No 1181 / BGDDT-GDTH of 25-2-2013 of the Ministry of Education, signed by Minister Nguyen Vinh Hien, the Ministry requests the departments to contact the Joint Stock Company directly. the School of Investment and Development. Information technology education (Vietnam Education Publishing House) to purchase materials. From this direction, departments of Education and Training, such as the Ministry of Education and Training of Ninh Binh Province (where 100% of primary schools & Vietnamese language class 1 – Educational Technology & # 39; of 2016-2017 teaches), has a official letter issued 317 / SGDĐT-GDTH on the registration of educational material and equipment in the primary school year 2018-2019, send the Ministry of Education and Training to instruct principals of general primary schools, register the number of documents, books and equipment for the school year 2018-2019.

According to the above-mentioned expert, parents can not pay with this type of exclusive book sales to buy books. The amount of money they spend on this document is enormous.

Can replicate!

According to experts, in view of and evaluation of the Ministry of Education and Training, it is easy to see that after the results of the evaluation committee the document "Vietnamese language class 1 – Educational technology" will be further developed. Register at the school with a larger scale per year.

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