Effort to drive to the Muong Lat district – Nhan Dan Newspaper

According to the permanent office of the Steering Group for Disaster Prevention and Control and Detection and Rescue of Thanh Hoa Province: national roads, provincial roads and border surveillance roads in Thanh Hoa province had landslides of nearly 164 thousand m3, more than 66 thousand m3 of road surface, drainage trenches damaged, sediment. Thanh Hoa People & # 39; s Committee has mobilized staff and dozens of motorized units from the provincial transport and communications sector to try to overcome the landslide, repair the damaged road, strive for vehicle clearance To the border area Muong Lat highland.


Nearly 120 billion VND to help poor students in Bac Can

From 2016 to now, the province of Bac Can has invested nearly 120 billion VND to implement policies to support education for students who are poor children. The province has provided more than VND5 billion in tuition exemption and discounts to more than 33,000 students; more than 24 billion food for 41,063 infants; more than 76 billion VND according to Decree 116/2016 / ND-CP for support to pupils and schools in municipalities and villages with more than 117 thousand students; more than two tons of rice for 21,602 children; more than VND 12 billion in support money for almost 16 thousand students; Nearly two billion supporting equipment purchasing, medicine cabinet. Thanks to timely support, Bac Kan has gradually reduced the status of students who drop out, maintaining the universal universality of learning.


Celebrate the outstanding and excellent immigrant students

The Dac Lac Youth Union recently organized a meeting in partnership with the Provincial Student Association to commemorate the 20 best students of ethnic minorities in the province in 2018. 100 ethnic minority students have excellent academic achievements, excellent 200 students from universities and university colleges nationwide. During the meeting, the Standing Committee of the Dak Lak Province praised and complimented the achievements of immigrant students in the province. At the same time, we want students to constantly strive for moral training, strive to study well, actively learn and gain new knowledge, so that when they return to school they contribute to the building of their homeland. On this occasion, the Permanent Committee of the Provincial Youth Union, the Provincial Youth Union, the Provincial Student Association awarded certificates of merit to 29 students with outstanding academic achievements in the academic year 2017-2018.


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