Former customs officers in prison for illegal material for sale

On August 27, the court in Hanoi still sued Pham Minh Hoang (SN 1982) – a former officer in charge of combating human smuggling and dealing with violations (customs department Ha Noi) to try "eclipse of property".

Tran Trong Cuong (SN 1974, resident of the Bach Dang district, district of Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) was also taken into account for the crime. Accordingly, Hoang Van Dien (SN 1992, in the Thanh Xuan Trung district, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi) was accused of "trading forbidden goods".

According to the file, on July 26, 2017, the anti-smuggling forces and the handling of violations (Ha Noi Customs Department) discovered that the material depot of the customs department of Hanoi City had a shortage of 156 kilograms of ivory and there are signs ivory is ivory. Immediately thereafter, the agency responsible for importing and exporting these goods asked CATP Hanoi for an investigation.

Pham Minh Hoang (on the right, along with the suspects involved in the trial).

Pham Minh Hoang (on the right, along with the suspects involved in the trial).

According to the results of the investigation, in June 2016, Pham Minh Hoang was appointed warehouse manager for the warehouse of material evidence of smuggling and violation of violations (Hanoi Customs Department). Hoang may hold two keys in the warehouse and at the same time has the duty to supervise the import, export, management, storage and handling of material evidence seized in the customs territory.

During his stay at the customs office in Hanoi, Hoang Tran knew Trong Cuong. Then, April – 2017, because of the need to make personal expenses and need money to pay debts, so that former customs officials have increased the intention to buy ivory in the store.

Planning to exchange state-of-the-art state ownership, Royal Exchange and Cuong asking buyers to find ivory. Two subjects agreed, Hoang to pay broker, and must also report ivory examples in the warehouse for Cuong. And to prevent him from being discovered, Cuong also bought ivory ivory to put Hoang in the oil-free elephant.

Handshake illegal work, Cuong contacted Hoang Van Dien (who has to buy ivory) and introduced ivory to sell ivory for 7 million dong / kilogram. Every time that ivory trading is successful, Hoang pays agency fees for Cuong.

In order to carry out the crime, Hoàng himself dismantled the warehouse using the key to be delivered to the ivory warehouse that was being sold. Based on the sample, the amount and the ivory weight, Cuong will counterfeit with the way If the elephant is ivory and plastic if it is littered ivory.

The next transaction, Cuong carries ivory ivory to Hoang to exchange the material store, the "pillow". In addition, the authorities have also discovered the "rhinoceros rhino" from the Hanoi customs warehouse for sale.

From April to May 2017, Pham Minh Hoang benefited from his assigned position to seize 239.57 kilos of ivory and 6.14 kilograms of rhino horns sold to Hoang Van Dien via Tran Trong Cuong. VND 3 billion. In that, Cuong plays the role of broker and buys ivory, rhino horn with Hoang directly.

Along with that, Cuong is also a copper ivory ivory to Hoang to put on the stock market fraudulent to avoid detection and paid 200 million. Therefore, the suspect was accused of coercion "Misappropriation of property" with former customs officers with the role of active help.

Hoang Van Dien has been identified by law enforcement agencies as someone who has committed illegal trade in ivory and rhino horns, which are strictly prohibited by law for trade or for commercial purposes.

After a day of trial of the case, the Panel of First Instance of the People & # 39; s Court in Hanoi City said that the charges against prosecution of the suspects with the above-mentioned offenses are fully founded, in accordance with the law. On this basis, the court of Hanoi decided to sentence Pham Minh Hoang, Tran Trong Cuong, sentenced to 16 years in prison and Hoang Van Dien 2 years imprisonment.

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