Groundbreaking story and & # 39; sandwich & # 39; from FPT University

Nguyen Khac Thanh, rector of FPT University. Photo: FPT

Nguyen Khac Thanh, rector of FPT University. photo: FPT

FPT University, founded in 2006, is the first private university in Vietnam that was born in the heart of business. To date, FPT University has always been consistent with its mission in the early days of educational reform and providing global competitiveness for a large number of pupils, contributing to the development of the region. national wisdom ".

TS. Nguyen Khac Thanh, rector of FPT University, has shared with VnExpress The road to breakthrough education full of thorns but also the "sweet fruit" of the company.

Groundbreaking inspiration comes from software export

– Can you tell us, as one of the founders of FPT University, what inspiration a technology company has put into education?

– The first stone mark for the foundation of FPT Education was in 1999. The future of the company was discussed with the new direction of export software. from the world. To do this, FPT needs to have good programmers and IT engineers, so developing education is a must.

In 1999 we trained IT professionals according to APTECH India. This is a breakthrough phenomenon in technology as well as Vietnamese society at the same time.

By 2006, the field of higher education began to be introduced. From the very first day Mr. Truong Gia Binh to make FPT University a big name in the education sector of Vietnam. That is why the goal of all development activities of FPT Edu is focused on two important points.

Became the president of the FPT university since 2016, but since then, Dr. Nguyen Khac Thanh was one of the first to lay the foundations for the educational career of the FPT with the establishment of the APTECH (India) franchise model in 1999. This model forms the basis for the establishment of FPT University in 2006.

One is to train the students to participate in the global game.

Secondly, FPT Edu not only contributes to quality students in the game, but also solves the problem of training for the majority of students.

In the beginning, when Binh had the goal of training 50,000 students, we all thought that this was a very large number, but later to find out that it should be a university (Mega University). at least 100,000 students. That is why in 2020 we set a target of 150,000 students, of which foreign students make up 15%.

Now looking back, did he say that the most important decisions made by the FPT University brand today?

– The first critical decision was the use of English in education. Students must complete a one-year English language study, after which the full course will be taught in English. This helps FPT students gain more confidence, quickly integrate into the international work environment and can easily benefit from foreign opportunities.

The second decision is to use the "sandwich" model, which involves training with the company. At FPT University there are 9 semesters, 5 of which are focused on providing knowledge, then students will have one internship in the company as a real employee, experience the whole experience. Experience and responsibility of the ontime delivery, the pressure of the type of report … Finally, students return to school for the remaining 3 semesters. At this point, learning will be effective because students understand what the industry needs and know the missing points, thus better motivation and motivation.

It must be said that this benefit is due to the fact that we are a school in the company. FPT Edu and FPT Software always come together. FPT Software is a good place for students to work and experience.

This is the difference that has in rare universities in Vietnam.

Start-up environment and internationalization

The campus of FPT University Hoa Lac campus with modern lecture hall and picturesque

The campus of FPT University Hoa Lac campus with modern lecture hall and picturesque.

– FPT University equips students with what before the series of changes that revolution 4.0 brings?

– Every student of the school is always learning and operates in a very open, young, creative and competitive environment. The atmosphere in FPT University that we create is similar to the business environment, which at the same time combines the reading and business elements.

We give birth to a generation of students with a high degree of entrepreneurial spirit who do not have to follow the movement.

I personally think that the state of the big playground is a "big general". In fact, schools should be a good place to start, be prepared for students and ideally create "fake battles" to train students.

FPT Educational Foundation (FPT Edu) consists of 18 primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions, universities (FPT University, Greenwich University, FPT Polytechnic) and FUNiX Online University to Graduate University (FSB Business and Technology Institute). In total, FPT Edu has 25,000 students, national students, 58 international partners, 29 educational countries.

In FPT University we have technology courses, skills training, soft skills and start-ups, team spirit. In addition, we have a separate area called Personality Development Program (PDP) – responsible for individual development programs & # 39; s. All these factors ensure that students live in a natural educational environment.

– Can you tell us something about the spirit of internationalization in education that FPT is doing?

– "Internationalization" is one of the most important criteria for evaluating the success of a university in the rankings of prestigious international courses. The scores for this section are based on the number of faculty members, foreign students who work and study at the university, and partnerships with renowned universities to write international newspapers.

Internationalization is very difficult for many Vietnamese universities, partly because we do not have strong national brands. Countries such as Japan, Korea, America … have strong brands, for example, so that their universities do not benefit from a small national reputation.

However, this goes well with FPT University and is proud to be one of the best performing units. We currently have teachers from more than 10 countries, such as the UK, the US, New Zealand, the Philippines … For students, the FPT University not only sends students abroad, but also international students.

Many foreign students come to FPT University to study, not short-term exchanges, only to obtain the "Vietnamese" diploma, but a degree in information technology, business administration … The number of international students for short, long-term exchange in 2017 reached about 500.

Insist on the road of modernizing education

– What contribution did FPT University make to your Vietnamese education system?

In the Vietnamese higher education system, students in the public school system account for about 86%, private schools for only 14% and FPT only for a very small 14%. Over the years, in the field of education, however, the FPT University has acquired the pioneering spirit that the company aspires to.

In 2006 we were the first university to register with open mindsets and logical thinking. A few years later we see the types of questions like these in the official exams of Vietnam.

FPT also focuses on finding and finding special qualities of students. We test problem-solving skills, logical thinking, language thinking. The test does not have an absolute answer to right and wrong, which candidates have to argue in order to protect their opinions, to convince the jury.

We also had no focus lab in the first year of construction because the whole school was a big lab. Each student is equipped with a personal computer. All exams and exams of the FPT students take place on computers. 12 years ago this is a revolution in thinking and teaching by the laptop is not that much and now if public wifi is not popular.

This leads to a series of challenges in the field of training, management and fraud prevention. But we have solved this problem and have maintained technology technology teaching and testing to this day.

In FPT Edu, from the first year on, students are strengthened in extracurricular activities to have fun, study and school. In addition, the focus is on training foreign languages ​​and STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) to increase creativity, technical tinkering, self – made programming and scientific products.

The library of FPT University in Can Tho is not inferior to international universities when it stores thousands of valuable books, of which more than 90% of foreign books are directly imported from famous publishers. sex.

The library of FPT University in Can Tho is not inferior to international universities when it stores thousands of valuable books, of which more than 90% of foreign books are directly imported from famous publishers. sex.

– How does the FPT system prepare for the upcoming changes in the educational sector in Vietnam and in the world?

We are currently implementing both training models: traditionally on Campus training and FUNiX online training. Each training method has its own value.

With the online training program, pupils receive many new values, such as gaining time at school, taking advantage of the prestigious learning material on the internet, guided by the mentor prestige in the profession.

Traditional training enables students to communicate directly with teachers and classmates, to feel the competition and pressure from the environment and to have a real learning experience.

I see that the future learning model will be the interference between the two models. Learners will gain more autonomy in learning, both with the help of the power of technology and by enjoying the value of traditional schools.

Phuong Nguyen – Pham An

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