HCMC: More and more patients are concerned about health insurance: a world

The number of patients who were not satisfied in August increased more than last month last month. Many of the long-standing problems of kitten-screening patients who were engaged in unsatisfactory behavior in uncontrolled hospitals continued to increase.

Statistics of the HCM City Health Department at kiosks that chart the dissatisfaction of patients at 53 public hospitals show that the number of dissatisfied patients increased to 5,204 in August, this number, compared to the previous month, only 4,775 patients dissatisfied , increased by 9%.

The number of patients who were dissatisfied with the 15 items reported by the HCMC Department of Health interviewed at kiosks shows that the long-standing problems of patients seen in the kiosks not only decrease but also increase. up.

In the previous month, patients were not satisfied with the registration procedures 529 patients, 574 patients in August were not satisfied with this; attitude of hospital staff of 439 dissatisfied patients 467 dissatisfied patients; Waiting time for ultrasound, photo & # 39; s taking 408 patients not satisfied to 415 patients dissatisfied; medical procedures from 345 not satisfied patients to 408 patients are not satisfied …

It is worth mentioning that the three problems that patients most urgently reflected by the kiosk research of dissatisfied patients have increased unexpectedly in the past. Specifically, patients who were not satisfied with the toilet serving patients increased 14% to 376 dissatisfied patients; health insurance procedures increased 18.2% to 408 patients are not satisfied; Especially waiting for research, waiting for testing to 20% to 363 patients not satisfied …

In recent years, the HCM City Department of Health has always insisted that hospitals treat the content that patients are not happy, urgent, especially the content that patients are not the most satisfied with. However, the fact that the most unfortunate problems, the most urgent patients of recent years are reflected, not only does not improved health facilities, but the situation is worse.

Faced with the above situation, the HCM City Department of Health recommends that hospitals pay attention to the stages of increase compared to July 2018 and actively seek to improve quality. The Ministry of Health requests the hospital's Quality Management department to be more active in dealing with dissatisfaction among patients, especially employees regularly monitor the operation of kiosks in the hospital. .

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