High water peak history in 40 years

The committee for the prevention and control of floods and tsunamis in the province of Bac Lieu said that during the tide from 7 to 11 October the station of Ganh Hao was at 2.13 m. 2,35m. This figure is much higher than the forecast (only 1.70 m – 1.90 m).

This is a wave of unusually high mountains, far beyond the prediction of the hydro-meteorological station in the coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta.

In the province of Bac Lieu, the height of the high tides measured at 7-11 / 10 exceeded the level of Alarm III in the Ganh Hao estuary area (alarm level III is + 2m).

"The tide peak at 03.30 hours on 11 October is + 35 m, which is considered the highest tide in 40 years of history in the province of Bac Lieu, in particular the old history in December 2017 has a peak of + 2.30 m," Bac Lieu commander-in

High water in the past 40 years - Photo 1.

High tidal rises in the past few days have flooded many roads in Bac Lieu province. This tide has been considered high in the past 40 years.

According to the statistics of professional bodies in the province of Bac Lieu, the past few days, the tides have flooded the national highway 1 through this province has a length of more than 3.6 km, with a depth of more than 0.35 m. the tides have also flooded many roads in the inner city, rural roads of many places, with a length of more than 40 km, the depth is more than 0.4 m.

An unusually high turnout, this tide has caused a lot of problems for traffic, business activities and the local population.

"My house was 40 cm above the surface of National Highway 1." I have to build a front wall of 20 cm high, but the water rises and the traffic will hit me, "said a resident of the city of Gia Rai.

High water in the past 40 years - Photo 2.

High water in the past 40 years - Photo 3.

High water "attack", the house was water "surrounded" makes the lives of many people in Bac Lieu difficult.

According to the observations of the Hydro-Meteorological Station of the South, the Institute of Water Resources Research, the Bac Lieu Meteorological and Hydrographical Station, the waves of the Baltic Sea will continue to appear in October, November, December. / 2018 and January, 2/2019, exceeds the level of alarm III (alarm level III + 2m), predict peak heights at altitude + 2.20m – 2.30m.

"These tides in combination with the northeast monsoon can cause flooding in coastal areas, deep salinisation in the interior and direct danger to river and coastal works", according to the board. Commander of the Provincial People's Committee of Bac Giang and the Provincial People's Committee.

In addition, through the expert forecast of the agency, from now until the end of 2018, 3-4 storms or tropical low pressure will appear in the South China Sea, including 2-3 that have a direct impact on the impact. our country.

High water in the past 40 years - Photo 4.

Many parts of national road 1 through the county of Bac Lieu are flooded very deeply. The Steering Committee for CIP and TKCN suggested that the Ministry of Transport advised the Ministry of Transport to help overcome the province. (Photo: CTV)

Faced with the above situation, the provincial steering group Bac Lieu for prevention and control of disbuffets requests the provincial Ministry of Transport to continue to monitor the situation of tides running on national motorways and rural roads. Recommend the Ministry of Transport to support the province of Bac Lieu shortly in overcoming the overflowing national highway 1 to ensure traffic and life, production of people.

It is proposed that the Hydrological and Hydrological Institute of Bac Lieu publish the tsunami predictions (before 7-10 days) in the last months of 2018 and early 2019 to inform the local authorities, people respond timely.

Request local commissions to intensify propaganda and advise people to take measures to prevent and control irregular tides in order to properly protect their property and prevent possible damage.

Huynh Hai

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