Mountain Slam, a house in Nghe An was crushed Events

This morning, 26.8, Le Huy Tai, chairman of the Muong Xen People's Committee, said the landslide took place around 8:00 pm last night. Because of the heavy rain before, the ground was soaked and slid into the residential area of ​​block 4 of the city.

The mountain slope ensured that the house of Tran Van Thai was next to the mountain, where a large volume of rock fell from the summit. Many neighboring houses are also badly damaged. Highway 7 runs just before these houses are also affected.

Landslide, a house in Nghe An was crushed - photo 1

A house was crushed against the wall, the house poured in


Before the landslide occurred, people in this area were evacuated from the house, so no damage to people.

In the evenings, local authorities and the local traffic police came to stop the safety belt on Highway 7 to warn people and vehicles.

Landslide, a house in Nghe An was crushed - photo 2

The people in block 4, Muong Xen Town were badly damaged by landslides


Mr. Tai also said that since March last year, in this mountain area is a large cracks, stretching about 200 m behind many households in block 4, Muong Xen city. District authorities of Ky Son have had to evacuate 12 households from around 30 households with the risk of imminent mountain landslides.

During the storm of floods caused by the storm. 4, the landslide has also collapsed an entire property and residential internet business services. Currently, local authorities are planning to move households into hazardous areas.

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