Muong Thanh Danang challenges the government

Today, at 20-8, the authorities of Da Nang city, as planned, will implement coercive measures for 104 apartments that are illegally allowed in the Muong Thanh hotel and apartment complex Son Tra (street Vo Nguyen Giap, My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district). On the "cutting board" adjacent but the owner is still on foot, the people who live on the floor of the building are normal activities.

"Nothing added"

According to the plan Project 1 : If the households in the block of flats work together to transfer possessions and people from the area, the time for demolition is 12 Option 2 : if the households do not cooperate, the time for organizing the removal of persons and goods from the area is 6 days; Time for demolition is 12 days. The People's Committee of the Ngu Hanh Son district determines the time of coercion from 20 August until the end of 10 September and can be extended if there is a complex problem.

Nguyen Thi Anh Thi People & # 39; s Committee of the Ngu Hanh Son District said that the district has designated the People & # 39; s Committee of My An, has announced the policy to illegally remove 104 apartments from the households that live on the second floor until the fifth floor. New homes and move to the latest 10-7 date. On the other hand, the People & # 39; s Committee of My An ward was also invited to invite households from the 6th to 42nd floor to temporarily find accommodation during the forced stay.

However, according to the afternoon of August 19, according to Tran Van Thanh, Chairman of People & # 39; s Committee of My An Ward, all households illegally living in 104 apartments have not moved. The households on the upper floors are still living and working normally.

According to Mr. Huynh Cu, deputy chairman of the Ngu Hanh Son District People's Committee, the district will meet with the Da Nang People & # 39; s Committee, People & # 39; s on August 20 Committee of My An Ward and other related units to complete Muong Thanh's plan of coercion. Mr. Cu also confirmed that the households living in the hotel complex of Muong Thanh and the high apartment of Son Tra have not yet moved.

"So, on the first day of the term We can not say anything more about the coercion of Muong Thanh," he said.

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Combination project Muong Thanh hotel and Son Tra high-class apartments still "jump on foot" before the deadline of the authorities of Da Nang.

Investors "dive", people "are on fire"

Mr. Le Hoang, a buyer of apartments on the second floor of the Muong Thanh hotel and the high-end apartment complex Son Tra, said that buyers had to sell their apartments illegally. to be on fire. "The local government let us know that we left the apartment for coercion and the owner of the apartment could not see the apartment." When we bought the apartment, we saw the documents clearly, Muong Thanh construction is illegal.

Many buyers must illegally sell apartments that are also urgently indicated by the 42-storey building, the investor has illegally built 104 apartments government "do not know". "The authorities say and punish, but why Muong Thanh to complete the apartments and sell to the people we gather to save to buy now forced, know who to call? Let go, the government is forced to force people, on the end, who are the people except the people? "- Mr. Doan Hang, a resident of the apartment on the second floor, urgently.

Mr. Huynh Cu that the treatment of misconduct by Muong Thanh is also derived from the legitimate interests of the people. According to Mr. Cu, this project has more than 1,000 apartments, but investors do not build parking spaces, kindergartens, playgrounds, the government forced to force the project back to the right category had originally licensed. According to Mr. Cu, if the time Muong Thanh can not handle, the authorities have "suddenly" violated the law. Mr. Cu also confirmed that the authorities will protect the people while arranging their accommodation during the Muong Thanh enforcement process.

"Da Nang will require the owner to have an appropriate compensation plan If the investor still does not want to compensate, the government will offer legal support to households to initiate civil proceedings." Cu sure.


Muong Thanh hotel complex and high-end apartment building Son Tra is owned by Dien Bien Construction Company No. 1, under license from the Department of Construction of Da Nang city in 2016 with 42 floors and 2 cellars. From there, from floor 2 to floor 5 was a permit for building parking, kindergarten, swimming pool … However, the owner has transformed his skill and "magical" 4 floors into 104 apartments.

On September 26, 2016, the Da Nang Construction Inspectorate decided to sanction an administrative violation of VND 40 million to the investor and requested that the construction work be stopped. The investor then continued to build and sell 104 apartments.

On June 22, 2018, the People's Committee of the Ngu Hanh Son district completed the plan of coercion and dismantling. On 7 and 7 July, Da Nang Fire Prevention and Fighting Police made a decision to suspend fire prevention activities from floors 2 to 5 in this project. The duration of the suspension is one month.

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