Note the ceremony, the young men fell to the river Huong died socially

In the morning of 19/8, from the police of the Huong Tho municipality, the unit coordinates the police of Huong Tra (province of TT-Hue) to clarify the case of a young man who in the river killed the death of Huong then staggered the view of the field at the Hon Chen power festival.

First information from the authorities, the incident took place on 18/8. This is the time that thousands of people worship the model of Hon Chen power (Hai Cat village, Huong Tho commune) for pilgrimage, Hon Chen festival festival every year.

Around 22h, 18/8, when the birthreading ceremony was going on, a young man unfortunately slipped out of the Huong River. Because the Huong River flows through the very deep Hon Chen force, the situation is too fast in the dark, so saving victims is difficult. After he had fallen into the river, the victim was submerged and missing.

When the functional forces were present and carried out rescue work, causing victims to land, this person died. The identity of the victim has not been established. Currently the case is still being verified by the municipal authorities of Huong Tra.

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