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In the afternoon of 10.9 the police said in Tan An that they had coordinated with the Criminal Techniques Department, the Criminal Police, Police and Police of Long An Province to complete the field inspection and investigation of the body of Vo Quyet The school (33 year old, living in Nhon Hoa 1, Tan An) in the explosion on the production base of rice paper in the residential area Ward 5, Tan An.

"The cause is still being clarified, but the chance is due to the explosion of a pressure cooker," said a policeman in Tan An.

One person died, four were injured after a loud explosion

Photo by Khoi Nguyen

First information, about 6 hours on the same day (10.9), Bui Quang Bang (51 years old, living in Nhon Hoa 1), the owner of the rice paper processing plant to the place to produce fire to burn the pressure cooker It is time to Make cake.

Mr. Truong came early to have the machine work immediately, check the equipment at the boiler instead of Mr. Bang.

Almost 15 minutes later the pressure cooker gives a very loud explosion, the smoke is blinding. When they heard the explosion, many people hastened to see all machines, glass frames and roofs flying everywhere, some wall covering around the furnace collapsed completely damaged.
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Boiler tree scene

Photo by Khoi Nguyen

Truong sat next to the oven and was thrown out of the factory almost 20 meters and died on the spot. People found in the search was discovered 4 more seriously injured, unconscious in the house. All four people were taken to the emergency situation.

According to Mr. Bang, the time of the explosion has so far disappeared, not affected. "The people here are usually our family members, who are able to inflate the pressure while working," said Bang.

The case is being investigated by the investigating authorities.

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