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By overtaking the social views of the Ho Chi Minh City Fatherland Front Committee, in general, the work of mobilizing children to attend classes and enrolling for the first class of the new school year, 24 was public district seriously. , fair, correct routes, ensure sufficient seats for students. Based on schools and classrooms, the city has invested in the construction of new schools at all levels with large-scale educational equipment to teach more than 1.6 million students. The education and training departments of the district lead all schools equipped with textbooks for teachers to teach, so that students have sufficient study material to study. .

Although preparatory work for the new school year was being prepared by the education sector, but by opinion polls, many people said that some schools have applied information technology to management. and teaching but not regularly; Students' violence, especially preschoolers in non-public classrooms, is also a cause of public outrage. Universal swimming pool for students does not meet requirements; In some districts the school has not reached the increasing number of students; The recruitment of teachers is not in accordance with the practical requirements set out … By the grasp of public opinion in district 12 many parents said that this is the district, broad country, projects houses, apartments are built a lot, people from other places focus on living, so the school system is overloaded, very few elementary schools, secondary schools have semi-boarding lessons, causing many difficulties Parents are employees, employees … so it is very easy to go to school, to teach . In the Tan Binh district, some schools have not paid much attention to supplementing the conditions of facilities and equipment each year to ensure the food safety, children's environment.

Professor Tran Dong A said: "The education of the city has grown and confirms that it is the pioneer in innovation and education of the whole country. In particular 38 schools have been developed according to the advanced school model (12 kindergartens, 14 primary schools and 12 lower secondary schools) after regional and international integration Innovative learning methods that integrate interdisciplinary disciplines, a combination of cultural education with teaching skills, sports … are interested in schools To further develop the education sector, the limitations of recruiting teachers must be The city is missing many teachers, especially English teachers The current situation is that the new school year has begun, but the recruitment of teachers in the local region is not yet complete, some places until October to recruit organizations will affect the work organized in schools. "

According to Nguyen Huu Danh, the former director of Le Hong Phong High School, the recent registration of the education sector in the city is well organized, so that the number of school visitors is low. DOES, however, should have a better management of income from parent funds; The organization of income and expenditure must be public and transparent in order to prevent over-gathering, which creates an urgent public opinion. Nguyen Huu Danh also expressed his concern about the lack of skills and behavior of some teachers. Mr. Danh proposed to the Ministry of Education and Training of the city to reinforce the propaganda activities at the beginning of the new school year by conducting seminars on behavioral skills for teachers at every level.

"Not only this year, many years ago, the city has made efforts to improve the quality of the teaching staff, to manage the income and expenses at the beginning of the school year, to strengthen the organization of moral education activities, Skills for students For effective education, however, it is necessary to have good coordination of family and society, "said deputy director of Le Hoai Nam Education and Training. Mr. Nam said that the recruitment of new teachers in the school year 2018-2016 has many advantages in starting the mechanism to recruit teachers, do not need city registration. Recruit more than 5,000 teachers to fill the vacancy, replace retired teachers, abandoned schools and start-up schools in use in the new school year. Districts are urgently in the recruitment of teachers of kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school. About the team, to ensure the professional standards, foreign language and computer skills to ensure the ability to use the skill of information technology in teaching and access to new knowledge. In order to improve the practice of students, the Ministry of Education and Training of the city asks for the policy to build a modern scientific research center for students, together with the Smart Library project that is linked to the library of all school.

Mr. To Thi Bich Chau, chairman of Ho Chi Minh City's Fatherland Front Committee, said that the city's education sector should pay more attention to the implementation of the trend in copper development. with the countries in the region; increasingly limited and are going to eradicate the status of "lack of training", lack of social knowledge skills. At the same time, to promote the teaching method in the direction of eliciting the criticism of students, to help students improve the skills of questioning, the creativity of students; Education must strengthen and promote the relationship between the family and the school, so that children are educated and developed in a comprehensive way.

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