Student of "element" TS Faculty of Law "gender": Master has asked the department to force him to end his education

Female student T.U. said on the groundbreaking, in addition to the other, there are some other voices about male speaker N.H.C.

H.T.T.U. (Student of the National University of Hanoi) who has spoken about male teacher N.B.C (also known as N.H.C, Faculty of Law, National University of Hanoi) reported on lack of standards.

I have asserted at VTC News that U. in the petition that was submitted to the faculty mentioned only three things, in which no teacher applications were submitted.

In particular, according to U., teacher C. taught a third of the duration of the class, the teacher also boasted about himself that students should try to hear through the story; Text messages for female students do not meet the standard; trample the students' points.

The teacher, C., said she liked going to school at school, but did not receive gratitude because she wanted to be paid. Many of the messages from the teachers have bothered me & # 39 ;.

"On the night before mid-term review, the text editor asked me if I had spread the news that he was flirting with me at school and warned me to stop, then I got my only child, 5/2017", TU quoted in Tien Phong.

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Student Hoang Thi Thu Uyen

Female students shared, except me, there were a few other girls who talked about teacher C.

U. has read the message "indecent" that teacher C. text for girls.

U. information with Tien phong, teacher C. has filed a complaint with the department, who said that she is "slander, humiliates others, at the same time that he asked the department to dismiss the student and transfer it to the investigative bureau criminal procedure ".

Previously, talk to young intellectual, teacher C. confirmed message with you. U. is just teasing, no boys' feeling, and denied the point deduction of the student, denying less trim the time of the student.

Mr C. thinks that some people post-fabricated and fabricated stories on the web to harm lecturers.

"I think the girl's intention is very clear, using social networks, because the spit, frustrated by the low-grade teacher, is willing to violate their conscience and morals to make up for it. to insult the honor of his teacher, "said the teacher.

Master Cuong told about the incident

About text messages that students eat, C. teacher said that the teacher has invited each other, is normal, not "sex & # 39 ;.

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