The discoverer of the murdered nun is a monk

Loan was identified as the main suspect in the case of non Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan (SN 1968, better known as Miss Hieu) was murdered in his house in the district Hoa Thanh (district Tan Phu) on August 2.

For that morning 2/8, because you do not see Mrs. Nhan every day at the temple, so a monk called Mrs Nhan's number, but no one took the machine.

Suspect things are not good, this teacher came to Nhan. Nhan's door closed, the monk pushed the door open to panic when he discovered that Nhan was motionless on the pool of blood to chat and the police had to report.

Field test

Field test

Tan Phu district police arrived on the spot and identified the victim had died with many injuries were stabbed, the scene has disturbed many traces.

Neighbors Mrs. Nhan said, the victim before he just hung around the house, went to the temple, did charity and did not hate anyone.

From the practical test, where the testimony of the people involved was taken, the police identified this as a murder case theft.

By reviewing the victim's relationship and bearing witness to those who know the case, the police have investigated that suspects are acquaintances, which has become the object of a neighbor called Loan.

Another circumstance further reinforced the conviction that the investigative body was on the right track after the matter was discovered, that Ms. Loan had left the local unknown.

After 20 days of tracing, the district police of Tan Phu received valuable information that Ms. Loan is hiding in her birthplace Vinh Long.

On August 23, a detective team from the Tan Phu district police was sent to the province of Vinh Long to verify and arrest.

However, due to anticipation, it will also be arrested by the police, suspects that Loan has prepared a bottle of poison to commit suicide. When the scouts hit him, he unexpectedly drank gin bottles to commit suicide, but the scouts stopped him, allowing the suspect time to drink the giffles.

The subjects were immediately taken to the hospital in the province of Vinh Long and transferred to the Cho Ray hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

At first Loan has a close relationship with Nhan, often Loan through her house playing Nhan and she has a lot of possessions must be greedy.

Morning 2/8, Lend Nhan home and see her willing to go to work. Nhan has to call home. Using Ms. Nhan meshes in law, Loan using gas weapons to Nhan Nhat a lot. Seeing that Nhan was immobilized, he loaned a motorcycle, iPhone 7 plus and 200 million VND to the victim and fled to Vĩnh Long until he was detained by the police.

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