The floods cause many local roads in Dien Bien

Heavy rainfall lasted in the Dien Bien province from the night of 27 to 28-8, causing many areas of trees to be swept away by the flood, some major roads were blocked by local landslides …

Points of landslide on Km63 + 260 National Road 4H. Photo: Xuan Tu / VNA

Mr. Luong Thanh Tung, director of Road II Company, said on the highway 4H much landslide on km4 + 300, Km40 + 100, Km45 + 500, Km49 + 180, Km46 + 260. Especially the erosion point on Km49 + 500 is in Phin Ho commune (Nam Pes district) with approximately 3,000 cubic meters of rocky bottom of the lagoon leading to the local traffic jam.

At 11 o'clock on the 28th of August the facilities can still not flow through here. The unit has mobilized machines to the landslide to rock and make stones and clear the way.

Currently, however, in Dien Bien, it is still raining, that is why the problem of overcoming landslides is difficult. It is expected that by the end of the afternoon 28-8 new steps will follow.

In the Nam Pie district, floods also cause a great deal of traffic and agricultural damage. Nguyen Ngoc Son, deputy secretary of the district party committee of Nam Bo, said that on 28 August at 11:00 the route from Km 45 to Na Huc (the main road that connects the center of the Nam Bo district with 4H) appeared. landslides cause traffic vehicles not to flow through.

The flooded part of deep water causes traffic congestion in the municipality of Muong Bang, district of Tua Chua. Photo: Xuan Tu / VNA

According to Mr. Khoang Van Van, party secretary of Cha Nua Commune, district of Nam Pue, this is a historic flood in the municipality. At midday of 28-8 people did not record any damage in the area, but floods caused many areas of crops and fish ponds … the children were swept away, flooding; some villages are isolated.

Heavy rain showers also cause water, mudflows from the streams on the streets and schools, the head office of the CPC, municipal post office, many houses in the area. The municipal authorities have mobilized cadres and villagers to evacuate students from hazardous areas. There is still a lot of rain in the area, so the risk of flooding can occur, the repair work is difficult.

Pham Quoc Dat – Chief of the Office of the Tua Chua District People's Committee said the district has heavy rainfall, causing some intermunicipal roads in the municipalities of Muong Bang and Son Phinh suffer from landslides, many of which cause traffic jams. local approval.

Local authorities are urgently in the direction of corrective work to release early, so that people can travel. Heavy rains also caused the water levels in rivers and streams to rise, causing many agricultural areas in the district to come under water.

According to Xuan Tu – Xuan Tien (VNA)

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