The lawsuit of the motorist who dies the wife of his wife – law

When the mistress of his wife blocked the car, Nguyen Van Toan hit the gas to drop him off the road and then died. Before departure, full car to wife and children.

On 24/8 police police in the province of Gia Lai said that it was just sued for the arrest and detention Nguyen Van Toan (34, in the city of Pleiku, province of Gia Lai) to investigate the murder people.

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The police investigate the crime scene. photo: Trieu Thanh

The night of 20/8, between Nguyen Van Toan and his divorced wife T. arises contradictions. Then Mrs T. telephoned her lover Lai Duc Chung (35 years old, in Pleiku City) to the settlement.

When Chung and Le Ngo Vinh Phat (25 years old, in Pleiku City) came to the place, the driver left the car.

When he saw Chung intercepted his head, while Phat brought the carcass to the car. The 35-year-old man hit the card to hit the card. Before they left, the whole car to their wife and children while they ran Chung.

At the crossroad Le Thanh Ton – Quyet Tien turned the car of Toan. Then the accused went to the police station.

Chung and Toans wife and children were brought to the emergency room. Chung died due to severe injuries. The remaining victims are still hospitalized.

Authorities continue to investigate the case.

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The incident happened in Dien Hong Ward, Pleiku City. photo: Google Maps

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killed people

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