The presumed murder of a nun in Saigon killed him

On 24 August, the Ho Chi Minh City police station said that the Nguyen Thi Loan unit (48 years old, resident of the Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City) arrested for the "Theft".

Loan was identified as the main suspect in the case of non Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan (SN 1968, better known as Miss Hieu) was murdered in his house in the district Hoa Thanh (district Tan Phu) on August 2.

In the past, as Dan told the reporters, a Nhan acquaintance called 2/8, but nobody took the machine.

The scene in which the case took place

The scene in which the case took place

This person came to Nhan's house to check if the victim was found with many injuries on the body.

When receiving information about the murder, Tan Phu district police quickly blockade, investigation site, after slaughter.

Police, after the incident, many assets, including iPhone 7 phone, more than 200 million and the motorcycle of the victim has disappeared.

Initially, police said, the suspect murdered Ms. Nhan with the purpose of theft.

The investigation, the screening, the police in the Tan Phu district identified the murdered suspect known to Mrs Nhan, who had a relationship with the victim's name Nguyen Thi Loan.

It is noteworthy that after the time of the case, loan loan has disappeared from the home.

By professional measures, combining the mobilization of the masses to denounce criminals, the police finally identified the place where the suspect Loan was located in Vinh Long.

On August 23, a detective team of the Tan Phu district police was sent to the province of Vinh Long to carry out an emergency call.

However, due to anticipation, it will also be arrested by the police, suspects that Loan has prepared a bottle of poison to commit suicide. When the scouts hit him, he unexpectedly drank gin bottles to commit suicide, but the scouts stopped him, allowing the suspect time to drink the giffles.

The subjects were immediately taken to the hospital in the province of Vinh Long and transferred to the Cho Ray hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

The case is clearly being investigated.

Dinh Thao

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