The right verdict for the violent parents of the 10-year-old child

1. Father and stepmother violate the 10-year-old son against the sentence of 11 years imprisonment: 17:00, 31 August, the first panel panel of the Cau Giay District People's Court in Hanoi spoke the case of a 10-year-old boy by his father and mother. tormentors. According to the panel, the absence of the damage did not affect the trial because the mother's representative was present in the courtroom. On photo & # 39; s of man and woman during the process. (Photo: Tien Nguyen)

At the hearing, the defendants pleaded guilty to the accusation. Testimonies from the parties, forensic investigation, conclusions from forensic investigation, evidence and other documents, sufficient basis to conclude that Nam and Trinh often beaten and reprimanded him. Affected the normal development of the child, enough elements constitute the crime "Child abuse." In the picture, the Defendant Trinh stood before the trial at first instance.

Since the behavior of the defendants is socially dangerous and contrary to ethical standards, severe penalties must be imposed to prevent general deterrence. The panel sentenced Nam to two years and six months in prison for "torture", four years in prison "with deliberate injury", the total sentence of 6 years and 6 months imprisonment. Trinh Trinh received five years in prison (two years in prison for "torture" and three years "deliberate injury"). In addition, the defendants were charged with civil compensation of 194 million dong (60 million compensation in the photo Defendant Defendant Nam replied before the trial in first instance. (Photo: Vietnamnet)

Finally, the South repented, apologized to his son, ex-wife and parents and sent messages to parents who made no mistakes like his. Defendant Trinh also regretted not treating her properly Mrs. Defendant apologized to her mother and grandmother K. On the photo: Tran Hoai Nam was taken to court. (Photo: people)

2. Former president of PVTEX Tran Trung Hieu condemned 28 years of imprisonment: continuation of the trial against the suspects in the deliberate act of violating the rules of the state on economic management that have serious consequences and received Bribery took place on PVTEX, morning 31/8, Hanoi People & # 39; s Court handed down the conviction for four defendants. In the photo, President Tran Nam Ha was convicted.

Defendant Tran Trung Chi Hieu (former chairman of PVTEX) therefore condemned 28-year-old prisoners for knowingly and knowingly breaking the rules of the state of economic management, with serious consequences for accepting bribes. The accused, Dao Ngo Hoang, Vu Phuong Nam and Do Van Hong received punishments of 8-13 years for deliberate violations of government regulations on economic management that have serious consequences. On the photo, the suspects in the trial at first instance.

3. Defeat the team to deceive property: According to the indictment, Dung purchased a military outfit in early 2015 to take photos of his network that post his work in the Military Region 7. In mid-2016, Nguyen Van Mao wants to apply for his son for a military school, so Dung approached his knowledge and gave 600 million to fake the job. On the picture, accused Le Tien Dung during the trial.

4. Get more than half a ton of fireworks: Before that time, around 1:30 pm on 30/8, Gio Linh district police discovered a car with suspect signs during the patrol. stop to check. Through inspection, functional forces have been detected in the vehicle has 21 bags inside contains many fireworks boxes of total weight more than 540kg. At the police, driver Nguyen Tan Tan claimed, bought this gun In the field of Tan Long market, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province and then transported for consumption to Quang Binh province. On the photo the fireworks are arrested by force.

5. Quang Nam commits illegal timber transport: therefore, on August 20, the working group of the economic police, police of the province of Quang Nam, detects the truck driving west. – East, there are suspicious signs to request to stop the car to check. Through inspection, the functional forces detected in the car have 8 wooden plywood, including: wood Huynh Tang, Wood defect, Wood milling with a total volume of almost 2m3. At the time of inspection, driver Le Van Son, 40 years old in the municipality of Phuoc Hiep, Phuoc Son district, province of Quang Nam, can not produce documents showing the origin of this wood. On the photo, the number of illegally logged wood has been seized by the Politburo of the Police.

6. Stolen while you claim, one died on the spot: according to about 17h on 30/8, youth groups including Dai, Dung, Hai Ngoc to collect debts in the An Thoi port area. At the time of the collection, this group came into conflict with the group of Phan Huu Loc. During the fight, Dung was stabbed to death. Two other young men in the Dung group were seriously injured and were taken to an emergency. At this moment, the Ho Chi Minh City police continue to hunt for the remaining 2 young people in Loc & # 39; s group. (Photo:

7. Ninh Binh, arrested the object of robbery property of women: Accordingly, the arrested object is Nguyen Trong Quy, born in 1996, in the Gia Vien district, the investigation process, Hoa Lu district police With sufficient documents showing that Nguyen Trong Quy and his staff in June 1818 caused two property robberies by Pham Thi Tham and Nguyen Thi Phuong in the Hoa Lu district, two mobile phones. and some money with a total of about 3.1 million. Nguyen Trong Quy objects to the police investigation on the photo. (Photo: Ninh Binh Police)

The care is available for ten guests and includes a child of 10 years old

The care is available for ten guests and includes a child of 10 years old

The care is available for ten guests and includes a child of 10 years old

The protection is provided to protect and protect the health of 10 children under the age of 4

The shelter is open to the public and includes only 10 children aged 5 years

The security is meant to protect and protect the safety of children under six years of age

The shelter is open to the public and includes a child of 10 years old

The care is available for ten guests and includes a child of 10 years old

The care is available for ten guests and includes a child of 10 years old

The care is available for ten guests and includes a child of 10 years old

The shelter is open to the public and is only available for children aged 10 or younger

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