The weather is cold, Central has rain until the middle of the week – Nhan Dan Newspaper

* Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said that in Nam Dinh cholera outbreaks appeared in Nam Dinh and that the authorities sampled and confirmed some sick pigs. blue ear and diarrhea, completely negative for cholera. Currently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development regularly updates the disease data with the World Organization for Animal Health. At the same time, send the functional units to strictly manage border areas and border gates, including airports and seaports; organized 8 delegations and other delegations to monitor the situation and prevent the prevention of this disease.

* According to the Department of Crop Production, the paddy area in the South Central Coast and Central Highlands in the 2018 season is 221,258 hectares, less than 16,910 hectares, but the yield is estimated at 49.74 quintals per hectare, an increase of 0.74 fifth / ha. According to the plan of rice production in the winter spring 2018 – 2019 is 312,460 hectares, down 8,015 hectares. The Department of Crop Production recommends sites to take initiatives in the field of water resources and to arrange seasonal seasons for intensive cultivation from December to early January.

* 2017 – 2018, the sugar cane region of the entire country reached 274,300 hectares, the average yield reached 65.1 t / ha, of which the sugarcane land area in the northern Midland provinces has an area of ​​22,446 hectares, with capacity The average yield was 63.5 tons / ha with a production of 1,424,508 tons. The sugar cane industry in the northern mountainous provinces, however, faces some difficulties because of the excess sugar remaining in the factories and the impact of declining world sugar prices. to the sugar industry of our country in general and of the northern mountainous provinces in particular.

* Since the beginning of the year, Quang Tri fishermen have operated almost 18,700 tons of seafood, an increase of about 10% compared to the same period in 2017. In particular, many fishnet fins have been hit with fish like their skullfish. The winning season is the price, where the sheath price has doubled compared to last year, from VND10,000 / kg to VND20,000 / kg, making many ship owners a lot of profit. Especially the exploitation of squid by nets is also a high economic efficiency, when the ink price rose to 250,000 VND / kg, higher than the same time last year from 30,000 to 40,000 VND / kg …

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