The woman insulted CSGT at the police said apology

During the meeting, Mrs Doan Thi Hue (born in 1977, living in Ward 11, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province) She acknowledged her misrepresentation and said that she and some family members went to the pagoda in Chau Duc district before the incident, after which they drank some alcohol. This happens on the way back.

The villagers are concerned about the implications of the image 1
The woman insulted CSGT for the police said apology.

According to popular belief, the lunar calendar did not want to be involved in the law in July, so it was bad behavior and in the heat of the day she acted in a lack of culture, which caused public problems. .

Ms. Hue shared in the past, the criticism of the social network made her mind very bad, the desire to apologize to everyone, especially the traffic police Ba Ria to perform public duties.

"I also want the work to go to places, I have given the money but the uncle did not take it, then because of yeast and the words are not right, I expect the authorities and the community to sympathize with me," said Hue.

Ba Ria Police said it would issue a decision to punish administrative violations of the crime against the person in attendance with a fine of 2-3 million.

Earlier, on 20/8, during the service in the municipality of Hoa Long, Ba Ria city, the traffic police asked the driver of the car to stop 72A.196.29 stop to check, measure Alcohol concentration.

At this time, Ms. Hue with her husband intends to pay money to the CSGT to be ignored, but the team remembered, asked to deposit money. She has insults against the soldiers on duty, causing many people to be displeased and to record the phone that the incident had posted on social networks.

Luu Son / VOV-HCM

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