Three years of compensation live

Jamona Home Resort project invested by East Saigon Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company.

Nguyen Phuoc Dam (33/25 Road 12, Ward 2, Hiep Binh Phuoc district) reflects: "The gate of my house sinks, creaks, falls, there are places to go outside." Floors, floors in the backyard and kitchens disappeared also.

At the time of the incident he reflected and Nguyen Minh Tuan, project director, sent his staff to inspect the damage and promised to remedy it immediately. Trust, Dam did not need minutes. "So far, how often has the project manager changed, the cracking of my house is still inactive because no one has decided," said Mr. Dam.

Since then he has repeatedly reclaimed this device back and forth East Saigon Company to return the original state. "The project manager is constantly changing, the incumbent has not yet finished his job, the newcomer came into contact with me and decided to join the speaker and then stopped, this company is changing the address, I have to find myself to meet people who have no solution yet. found, "he said.

Tran Huu Han, Project Management Unit at Jamona Home Resort, East Saigon Company, said: "Recently, after receiving the complaint from Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Dam, we conducted an investigation and the section re-signed subsidence, cracks, damage. the company has written about the compensation but has not yet approved. "Dam:" After many years they only compensated me for a piece of the wall. In addition, some items such as kitchen, backyard compensation are not reasonable, so I do not accept it.

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