Urgent call for help on the night of a nurse arrested by her husband

About 3:30 am on 22/8, in the fourth house in the Van Phuc community (Thanh Tri district, Hanoi), Nguyen Ngoc Nhan (38 years old) promised the motor, but his wife is Nguyen Thi Kim Dung (39 years old) ) appearance. Dung then became angry and left to go to bed and spoke with his brother Nguyen Manh Cuong (45).

Sister saw each other meet and Cuong led her husband to talk, resolve the conflict, but failed. Ring knife knife killed hair and cause severe damage to Cuong.

The scene offense scene. Photo: D.N.

The scene offense scene. photo: D.N.

22/8, after the police had completed the investigation, the family began drafting procedures for the funeral of victims. The 18-year-old son has just died in the corner of her sister's school.

Mrs. Le Thi Quyen (neighbors) said that while cooking noodles for her husband she was working in the early morning, she heard the voice of her growled manure "Quyen ơi, save her with." Mrs. Quyen opened the door to see her wounded, bloody people running, rings with the knife behind them.

Mrs. Quyen hurried to her sister Dung to knock the door of her house into the wall to be grateful. When the door is open, the ring holds the knife. "He threatens to intervene, they will stab," said Mrs. Quyen.

And Ha said: "Tolerance and then Mrs. Dung dragged me to bed in my living room and was convicted." When his wife died, the ring left the stage.

Ms. Ha told the incident.

Ms. Ha told the incident.

According to family members, Ms. Dung is beautiful, gentle and works as a nurse in an international hospital in Hanoi. Ms. Dung and Rong have been married for almost 20 years. After the marriage, the prisoner was in court and his wife and mother were a piece of land to build a house. Do not do business, heavy drug addiction. Man and woman often conflict.

Leader of the municipality of Van Phuc (Thanh Tri district) said he was sentenced to prison in early 2018 Theft of property, Returning to their places, but often causing social disturbances.

The Hanoi police are holding the ring to investigate the behavior of a carving woman and to wound his wife.

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