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In the afternoon of August 21, after many explosions, people saw the black smoke column rise with fire, over the entire distillery workshop on the Thang Long Highway.

300 m2 sapphire, sapphire after the fire 1
On August 21, a fire broke out in a distillery on the Thang Long Highway in the Van Con district, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi.
300 m2 sapphire, sapphire after the fire 2
According to information from the people, after many explosions, they saw black smoke columns and fire above the house.
300 m2 saponine waste, fired after 3 years
The workshop area is about 300 m², mostly with oil, paint and combustible objects.
300 m2 soft drinks, soft drinks, sauces, sauces and sauces
When the fire spreads quickly, there are many explosions.
300 m2 sapphire, sapphire after 5 years
Receiving reports, the Fire Police No. 13 many fire engines & # 39; s and dozens of soldiers to the firefighters.
300 m2 saponine waste, sown to the vegetarian diet 6
Since there are hundreds of barrels of oil and paint, the fire is complicated and fire fighting is difficult.
300 m2 soft drinks, soft drinks, sauces and sauces
Talking to the reporter, Major Nguyen Tien Nam, Chief of Police and Fire Department No. 13, said the fire had not caused any injuries, but the entire plant was damaged.
300 m2 of juice, sent after 8 years
At 18:00 on the same day the fire was completely extinguished. Almost 300 m2 corrugated roof house was damaged and completely collapsed. Functional forces follow damage and investigate the cause of fire.
300 m2 soft drinks, soft drinks, sauces and sauces
House fire took place on the Thang Long highway, which ran through Van Con, Hoai Duc, Hanoi. photo: Google Maps.

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