& # 39; Lost TV & # 39; play & # 39; smuggled & # 39; U23 Vietnam lowered Japan: too bad!

Millions of Vietnamese fans flocked to Japan to win the top spot in Group D, but in this happy moment they may have embarrassed themselves with the copyright problem.

There is a story full of comedy that many people have just looked at U23 Vietnam, just … screaming television copyright. Reason?

Very simple, nobody likes watching football in the game was interrupted by the "lag network", or jumps to the big screen in front of the screen and a lot of comments appear constantly. Already so ?? n phobia of the fans!

There are times when you lose the signal due to a bad network.There are times when you lose the signal due to a bad network.

Many people, even if they see the stickiness, are very uncomfortable, if the game is not complete while it is a historic victory, although the game only means procedural, even opponents are only players aged 20-21 years. age, in preparation for the Olympic Games in 2020.

"Lost my TV" became the savior of the fans.

However, everything is not important when U23 sublimates Vietnam, wins all three group stages and takes first place. If viewed as full as U23 Asia is really too happy, too happy, unfortunately those simple needs can not, because VTV is not copyright.

Now I know who is to blame now if the country looks like a lifeboat with floats to see U23 Vietnam, even though they are smuggling.

So, in the drunken victory of U23, fans of Vietnam are happy, but a lot of people are also scolding … because of the embarrassment of copyright names ASIAD 18 is too expensive, can not buy. That is the thing to say, because the expensive price is not because tens of billions that lead the calculation of the word – hole to millions of people, the U23 rock in Vietnam can not see the most complete.

Imagine this scenario, if U23 Vietnam history wrote in ASIAD 18 when winning the medal, then the price is very expensive in a wrong way a child … This is very easy when U23 Vietnam defeated the group stage with the first place after a 1-0 victory over Japan!

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