& # 39; Park Hang-seo – behind the development of the speed of football UN & # 39; – ASIAD 2018

This is the title of the article in The Korea Times, which depicts the South Korean coach leading the men's team in Vietnam.

Coach Park Hang-seo and U23 Vietnam have received much praise from overseas media for their performances in China and the development of an East Asian football team. South Asia. In Korea, the birthplace of Mr. Park, the press also quickly used the subject.

After defeating U23 in Iraq and Qatar for the first time in the U23 Asian final, coach Hang-seo's troop has received Kimchi's national press: "U23 Vietnam and Parker are creating miracles" (p Chosun), "Guus Hiddink The magic of Vietnam has not stopped" (Huffington Post Korean version) or "New history writer for Vietnamese football" (Sports Hankkoki).

Promote the development of Vietnamese football

& # 39; Park Hang-seo & # 39; - used after the development of the hair of the skin of Vietnam
Positions of the four teams in table D men's foot ASIAD 2018. Images: Minh Phuc.

After more than half a year, the Korean media have to "wake up" again for the performance of Park and the Olympic team in Vietnam. Representatives of Southeast Asia have won all three matches in the round ASIAD 2018, defeating Japan's Asian power and being number one in the rankings.

According to the description of the magazine Hani"The statistics of the two teams are 13-7, the goal is 6-5, the balrate is 64% and 36%, and the numbers are slightly higher, The" magic "of Park Hang-seo has the Vietnamese Olympic Games sublimation and shock brought to the players of the cherry blossom.

On the sheet The Korea Times, one of the oldest newspapers in the world in the Korean version, published an article entitled "Park Hang-seo – the man behind the development of the speed of football in Vietnam." Kang Aa-young has pointed out that Vietnam is ranked 102th on FIFA, while Japan holds 55th.

Sun landed to win the gold medal of ASIAD men's football, while the best of Vietnam only reached the round of 1/8. Japan is also the only Asian country to participate in the knockout phase of the World Cup this year in Russia.

Viking celebration after the Vietnam Olympic victory After the Olympic victory in Japan, Vietnamese Olympic players came to the stadium area and performed the unique "Viking" party.

"This Southeast Asian country rewrites its football history after reaching the top of the U23 finals for the first time in the world." Behind this radical advance, the Asian giants, It is the Korean coach Park Hang-seo, "quoted from the newspaper The Korea Times.

In a 1-0 victory over Japan with midfielder Quang Hai, Park Hang-seo jumped out of the coaching bench and yelled, "a branded gesture from the old coach Guus Hiddink.

When coach Hiddink led the South Korean team at the 2002 World Cup and reached the semi-final, Park was the assistant of the Dutchman. Park & ​​# 39; s teacher was "Hiddink of Vietnam".

Make miracles from faith

On the sheet JoongAng Ilbo, from the first line the writer emphasized: "The talent of coach Park continues to color at ASIAD."

The article mentions that Vietnamese football is matured & # 39; matured & # 39; with the guidance of coach Park, which was just inaugurated last October. After only four months in the running, the South Korean strategist has become the best record in the history of Vietnamese football: the Asian U23 League.

"Coach Hang-seo has created a miracle and instilled confidence in the players by respecting Vietnamese culture." Because of the warm climate of the country he accepted to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and At 6 o'clock Vietnamese players have a rather small physique, but Park has helped his students to make sure they are not at all on the continent. " JoongAng Ilbo described.

& # 39; Park Hang-seo & # 39; - used after the development of the skin of the skin of the image 2
Fixtures and Knockout Knockout Series for ASIAD 2018 Men's Football. Minh Phuc.

After nearly a year of management Parkcoach is described as "the hero" of football in Vietnam. By the way, "thanks to him, the love of the 90 million people in Vietnam for Korea has increased enormously." Park played the role of diplomat.

In Korea, a number of newspapers have begun to predict the possibility of the country and the Vietnamese Olympic team against each other in the semi-finals. This will be Mr. Bringing Park into a difficult situation, when one side is at home, one side is responsible for the task.

"I am still the coach of Vietnam, I will do my best to give Vietnam the best result," said Park, he said he would do everything possible to bring his team to victory against all the rivals on the road. . .

In short, the Park Hang-seo team must overcome opponents in the eighth round is the Bahrain Olympic, the team defeated Malaysia with 3-2 score to be named in the knockout at the last minute.

After Bahrain, Korea and many other & # 39; waiters & # 39; waiting for the Olympic Games in Vietnam

The Olympic Games in Vietnam promise this time many difficulties for teacher Hang Hui Park in ASIAD when they conquer the Olympic Games in Bahrain.

Korean press recalls coach Park Hang-seo
Olympic Vietnam

Korean press recalls coach Park Hang-seo

Olympic Vietnam


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