After the Asiad 2018, Vietnamese football solved the problem of the striker

There are 8 players who can kick the striker, including Anh Duc, Duc Chinh, Phan Van Duc, Nguyen Van Toan, Nguyen Van Quyet, Quang Hai, Cong Phuong and Minh Vuong.

With the exception of Ha Duc Chinh, 7/8 other players have scored in the Asiad, which has just finished. Among them, Van Quy, Cong Phuong and Quang Hai each scored two goals.

No striker of the Olympic team of Vietnam scored the excellent goal, because of the special use of Park Hang Seo's staff to rotate the striker in the tournament, and the level of football in Vietnam. Compared with the general level of Asian football, would like to score many goals is also not (the level of Vietnamese football that kicked with Japan, Bahrain, Syria, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates goals have been good, How many tables can be applied for?

Vietnamese football has many quality strikers (photo: Xuanzang)

Vietnamese football has many quality strikers (photo: Xuanzang)

The point of the recommendation of the Vietnamese Olympic team when they are used is that they are confident and that each team has the strengths and skills to achieve its position.

German strong in the air phase by good body. The player is experienced and knows how to exert pressure on defenders, creating space for the satellites around him.

England scored only one goal in the tournament, as the problem was explained above, around the fact that we were not strong at the Asian Games, mainly won by France but not attacked by riots and Hoop to score more goals in each match.

Remember that when scoring Van Toan to help the Vietnamese Olympic defeat of Syria in the quarter finals, the great strength of England, coming from a ball by the goalkeeper in time and technical excellence, not all strikers can do that.

Literature is worthy of the role of leader. As we said earlier during the tournament, Van Resolution is very stable, a fiery explosion just behind the center, also knows how to appear in the hotspots to solve the situation, and his two goals have been proven.

Cong Phuong, Van Toan and Phan Van Duc are the good weapons of coach Hang Seo Park, depending on the time and circumstances on the pitch, which the Korean coach will use to promote efficiency.

Quang Hai is becoming increasingly mature, increasingly or. Although Quang Hai may not have achieved his best form and excitement this year in the sport, the Hanoi player remains one of the best players in the Asiad 2018 team. Olympic Games in Vietnam.

In addition to the names mentioned above, the Olympic team of Vietnam has discovered a new detonator, Tran Minh Vuong, who is able to direct or less direct kick Quang Hai, and potentially explosive By the time the distance to the break or the disrupt enemy defense.

In general, the problem of rush hour is no longer a problem for Vietnamese teams in recent years. Many of the strikers have played in the national competition, which has increased the number and quality of the domestic strikers.

In addition to the strikers present in the team of the Olympic Asiad team in Asiad 2018, football can form two other strikers and contribute to the national team during the AFF Cup 2018, Ha Minh Tuan and Nguyen Tien Linh. That is the number of strikers of football now a dream number compared to a few years ago.

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