ASIAD 2018 live report on August 23

Excellent situation

22:05 on 23/08/2018

Day 23/8 can be considered as a day of great success with the sport of Vietnam in ASIAD 2018. After the gold medal "thirsty", the TTVN team found the first HCV in the field. Light boat 4 rowing.

Prepare for the next 2018 of August 23
The Vietnamese sports delegation won the first gold medal at ASIAD 2018 in the light pink 4 for women's rowers.
Prepare for the next 2018 on 23 August
Cong Phuong scored the only goal to help the Olympic Games over Bahrain 1-0.

Athletes Pham Thi Thao, Ta Thanh Huyen, Ho Thi Ly, Lương Thị Thảo excelled in goal with a 7: 01.01 and won the first gold medal for Vietnam Sports on ASIAD 2018.

The joy of the fans is doubled when the victory of the Olympic victory of Vietnam 1-0 to Bahrain in the men's round of 1/8. The only scorer is Gong Fu. With this victory teacher Hang Seo enters the quarterfinals to face Syria.

In the medal list TTVN is temporarily in 14th place with 1 gold medal, 4 silver medals and 7 bronze medals.

Prepare for the next 2018 of August 23
The Vietnam Sports Team is 14th on the medal list.

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