Brighton vs MU 2nd round English Premier League 2017/18

Manchester United was disappointed to lose 2-3 against Brighton, next to the list of two winners and four who lost after the Battle of Brighton vs. MU 2nd round English Premier League 2017/18.

Winner: Glenn Murray

Glenn Murray was not impressed last season, but he always showed the charm of goals in the big clubs. In the Brighton vs United Kingdom Round 2 of the Premier League, the 34-year-old still shows that he is the savior of the best English clubs.

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Glenn Murray continued to score in the big teams

On the 25th, Glenn Murray slid past the cross of Solly March, defeated Victor Lindelof in a controversial situation and made a final attempt to defeat David de Gea.

In the Top 6 English Premier League last season, only Glenn Murray from Tottenham could not even score. The other clubs like Arsenal (2), Liverpool (2), Man City (1) and M.U (1) are all cornered by the 34-year-old.

Glenn Murray has his first goal in the Premiership this season, NHM Brighton hopes to be on the grid M.You will help the 34-year-old striker "steadily" in the near future.

Failure: Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is the owner of one of the two goals that M.U gets at Falmer Stadium, but apart from the last minute phase, what the Frenchman expressed is very disappointing.


Pogba did not show much in Brighton

The 25-year-old midfielder does not play the role of a midfielder, often cumbersome, which reduces the speed of the visitors. Statistics show that Pogba lost 27 times, the most on M.U, he is also the most error in the field (6 times).

The accuracy of Pogba's passing is about 81%. It was the players from 1993 who did not do well in their duties, so the midfield of M.U was not overwhelming.

After an excellent performance against Leicester, Pogba was disappointed in Brighton. The French midfielder continues to have the same mood as last season, Pogba is still one of the problems that Mourinho can not completely solve.

Winner: direct opponents of M.U

Man City and Liverpool are the two heavyweights for the English Premier League this season, they are probably very happy as United, which is considered the third player to win the championship, 3 for Brighton.

Chelsea and Arsenal are happy when United loses

Chelsea and Arsenal were delighted when United lost

The Reds are in trouble and this is the chance for Manchester City and Liverpool to continue in the 2018/19 season.

Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal, rivals in the top 4 race of M.U, are also happy that M.U leaves Brighton and reveals too many problems in the game.

Failure: Eric Bailly

At the beginning of the season, Chris Smalling was pushed to the bank to lead Eric Bailly and Victor Lindelof. However, this duo does not bring any certainty. In the game against Brighton, the two midfielders of M.U did not find the link, they often made mistakes.

Eric Bailly has a dream

Eric Bailly had a disappointing match

Eric Bailly is the one who got M.U for an 11m. Ivory Coast defender Pascal Gross in the penalty area, after which the 27-year-old midfielder successfully brought the score to 3-1. Bailly's performance certainly made Mourinho unhappy.

Since the start of the 2017/18 season, M.U is the third team in the Premiership that makes three goals after three shots have hit the target of the opponent. The defeat of Brighton on the mistake of Bailly, if he keeps playing, he can be pushed to the bank.

Losers: Jose Mourinho

In the first round, M.U Leicester defeated 2-1. It was a game where the Reds were even less aggressive than their opponents and won only one goal on the spot and one from Luke Shaw.

Coach Jose Mourinho plays Tran Brighton against MU

Coach Jose Mourinho can be fired if the disappointment continues

M.U & # 39; s play against Leicester showed no consistency, as if the defense did not make too many chances, the defense was unstable. During the trip to Brighton the same thing keeps repeating.

M. You continued to play a lifeless game, on the line three Mata, Lukaku and Martial almost no association. Statistics show that Martial and Lukaku did not have a coordinated situation in the first 45 minutes.

In the end the Reds were in the spotlight for 44 minutes. Mourinho then made the change but M.U could not help a 2-3 defeat.

M. You are playing too many problems, if you continue playing these Red Devils, it is difficult to look forward to the big trophies. Even if the series of bowls continues, the Bo-master can be fired.

Losers: Anthony Martial

In the opening round of the Premier League 2018/19, Anthony Martial was eliminated for Leicester. During a visit to Brighton the injury of Alexis Sanchez Mourinho forced the French striker to use.
Martial is the best Brighton

Martial played weakly for Brighton

Anthony Martial runs left in the 4-3-3 schedule. This is a very good opportunity for the 23-year-old to confirm himself, but regret the ex-Monaco alone brings disappointment.

Martial did not prove himself for Brighton, at the time the Frenchman had not scored, he did not create any chance for his teammates.

What the 23-year-old striker does is only the blow that is not touched, not only that he also has to receive a yellow card. With his disappointment he was replaced in the 59th minute.

After the game, Mourinho was not satisfied with the form of Martial, he confirmed the player born in 1995 only the main stone when Sanchez was absent.

Clearly between Mourinho and the Frenchman are in conflict, when the psychological uncomfortable it is difficult for ex-Monaco to prove his ability.


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